July 20, 2024

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Gotham “The Trial Of Jim Gordon”

Season Five, Episode Nine.

Oh boy.  The actors took over for this one.  Not only did Erin “Barbara Kean” Richards direct it, but Ben “Jim Gordon” McKenzie wrote the script.  I actually don’t mind it when a member of the cast directs an episode for many shows.  That seems like a natural progression, and sometimes those actors get good enough at it to, like, win statues or even take up directing more and stop acting.  But my general experience with actors writing episodes, in cases involving The X-Files or Farscape, often turns feeling a little…off to me.  I can’t really explain it better than that.

However, then I checked back and saw this is McKenzie’s second script to get produced, so what do I know?

Anyway, maybe I do know more because this one did feel…a little off.  But this is Gotham, so how do I tell the difference?  I will say it’s the sort of episode that’s meant to show how much Jim Gordon matters to people when he’s shot trying to negotiate a ceasefire between the gangs long enough to get reunification done.  Lucius has the chemicals in the river problem more or less sorted.  The Penguin agrees to host the meeting.  And the gangs even seem up for it.  But then, yeah, Gordon is shot, and that means people react.

Harvey goes looking for the shooter.

Barbara decides to keep the peace the only way she knows how.

Lee works to save Jim’s life despite not much experience with surgery.

And Jim hallucinates that he’s on trial for failing so many people, with himself as the prosecutor and the accused, until he realizes he needs to be there for Lee and the baby inside Barbara.

Really, the trial was a bit much, but only a bit.  If the series had kept the Harvey Dent around, he could have been the prosecutor, but then again, the series made plenty of references to past episodes showing someone remember continuity exists.   There’s even a big cocktail party showing all these past adversaries celebrating Gordon’s getting capital punishment, so I got to see Professor Pyg again, and that I like.

However, it looks like Zsasz shot Gordon.  I would have thought Zsasz was a better shot than that, but he’s also being a little weirder than usual.  Weird enough that Harvey figures out Zsasz isn’t really responsible:  it was Ivy all along.

Yeah, we got mind control back again.  Ivy wants to save Gotham for the plants, so that means putting Bruce and Lucius under again, sending Zsasz out to keep the cops busy while she finishes Gordon off herself, and that sort of stuff.  That means my personal headcanon says that Zsasz is a better shot but his subconscious didn’t like being Ivy’s plaything enough to throw his aim off a little.  Selina learns hitting someone in the head is enough to snap them out of it, Lee shoots Ivy, and a villain that might have gotten a whole half season before is gone again.  Will I see Ivy again?  Eh, maybe.  But there’s only three episodes left, and there’s still the Bane nonsense to deal with, so I kinda doubt it.

Considering the character was there since the pilot, I don’t think the show ever knew what to do with Ivy.  Recasting her a couple times didn’t help.

Anyway, Jim and Lee get married and someone thought Harvey could act as an officiant.

Did they ever solve the clean water problem from the start of the episode?  I don’t know.  I would think Ivy would need clean water for all her plants…