June 19, 2024

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Ultimate Monthly Mystery Geek Subscription Box Rankings


So you like monthly mystery geek subscription boxes? Can’t live without the thrill of being surprised with geeky goodness? Well then this page is for you!

Quick overview: for anyone new to this concept, mystery subscription boxes are mail order boxes filled with “stuff” that you pay for on a monthly basis. The catch is that you have no idea what is going to be in the box month-to-month. You have to go on faith that what is being delivered, will match the value of the monthly subscription fee.

And if you’ve been following Gabbing Geek for a while, then you’ll know we have reviewed 40 total geek boxes between two different reviews:  Mystery Geek Box Monthly Subscriptions: The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky  and 18 New Geek Monthly Mystery Box Subscriptions To Check Out.

This page will be used as a way for us to keep track of all those companies that offer monthly mystery geek subscription boxes, as well as add/change the rankings depending on new box companies that come and go.

Here is the current list of companies we have reviewed in the past (in alphabetical order):

In an effort to better understand what each box company offered with their subscription, we did a little research that included:

1. Cost of subscription
2. Value of the box based on inventory of items.

First, I gathered cost/value comparison information & pictures from multiple sources like Amazon.com, Google Shopping, or other geek reviewers (which will be noted). Second, I personally ranked all of the subscription companies from WORST to BEST based on my own perception of value. My hope is that these mini overviews will help you determine for yourself if the cost of a geek box subscription is worth the price.

With any subscription, some months are going to seem better than others, so make sure to do your own research and look for consistency. So without further adieu, we present to you the ultimate monthly mystery geek subscription box rankings:

#40 – Box Of Dread:


Subscription Cost:$20.00
Estimated Box Value Based on August Inventory of Items: Less than $10.00

  • All Cheerleaders Die Bag
  • Cthulhu Novelty Bottle Opener
  • 50% off coupon code for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.
  • Wolf Creek 2 Promotional Postcards
  • Aftermath Mask
  • Open Wound Tattoo
  • Cabin Fever Patient Zero Hand Sanitizer

Jenny’s Thoughts: When you look at the picture above, it looks like you could have easily gotten these items for free at any comic-con. Hell, I bet I could get these items for free at a local comic book store because most of it is crap. The only redeeming thing is the Cthulhu bottle opener, and even then I wouldn’t spend the $20 price tag for this box. Hopefully other months are better, but for now, I have ranked this the worst.

#39 Arcade County Video Game Box:


Subscription Cost:$29.00
Estimated Box Value: based on April’s box via Jik Unboxes = $60.00

  • Sonic Rush for Nintendo DS (used) $15
  • Skyrim Necklace (new!) $10
  • Lost Oddessy for the X-Box 360 (used) $25
  • Bioshock 2 for the PS3 (used) $10

Jenny’s Thoughts: The Arcade County Video Game Box contains 3-4 video games for the platform of your choosing every single month. They cover over 25 years of video game consoles – old and new. Don’t like what they sent? Send it back and we’ll send you more for free in your next month’s box. Now – even though the value seems to be well over the subscription cost, the company itself is having MAJOR issues with their service. Bottom line – they can’t handle it. They had to shut down their website due to the fact that they don’t have any more inventory. To me – that’s bad news. I would stay away from this service until they have a more reliable system in place….any system in place.

#38 – Infinity Crates:


Subscription Cost: $40.00
Estimated Box Value Based on December Inventory of Items: $30.00

  • The Mighty Thor Tee
  • Funko POP Vinyl in Poison Ivy
  • Groot & Rocket Raccoon Holiday Mini Poster
  • Magnets
  • The Hobbit Vinyl Sticker
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons

Jenny’s Thoughts: I wouldn’t have ranked this so low on the list, but unfortunately for this UK based company, the $40 price tag is more like $60 when you factor in shipping and handling. And based on the inventory of items, I don’t think it is worth the cost of the box including shipping it from the UK. Sorry Brits! I can get that here in the US cheaper at my local comic book shop. You may have different thoughts on that, but I’m looking at the over all cost vs. value.

#37 – Anime Bento:


Subscription Cost:$35.00
Estimated Box Value Based on Google Shopping My Figure Collection October Inventory of Items:$35.00

  • A Neon Genesis Evangelion package
  • Green tea flavor Pocky
  • Moe-Chan Card
  • Attack on Titan Sticker
  • Kill la Kill Patch
  • Miku Figureine
  • Orchis Figureine

Jenny’s Thoughts: I am not an anime fan – so this box is naturally low on my rankings due to the contents. But it also hit the low rankings due to the fact that when I Google searched the items for pricing, most of the prices added up below the subscription cost. That being said, I was generous when I started adding everything up. The box is probably worth less than $35, but with most of the contents coming from overseas, it was hard to tell. The only reason this is ranked higher than #21 – Infinity Crates, is because the overall sticker price for this subscription + shipping/handling is less than the UK company’s cost. Subscribe at your own risk.

#36 The Cave Crate


Subscription Cost: $40.00
Estimated Box Value: based on March’s box via The Game Cave = $45.00

  • Giant 20 sided die $8
  • 3 (color of your choice) chessex dice (est. $4)
  • Magic deck box $12
  • 6 Magic booster packs @ $3.50 each = $21

Jenny’s Thoughts: First off, this is strictly a Magic: The Gathering box. So if you don’t play Magic, then this box isn’t for you. The Cave Crate promises to bring you 3-6 assorted booster packs as well as 3-5 other Magic: The Gathering or random Geeky products totally $50 in value. The tout on their website that they support local artists and makers by including at least one hand made item every month. In their video (link above) they say that each crate is customized to your game play, which is cool in theory. Since I don’t play Magic: The Gathering, I cannot say one way or the other whether this is of any value. So this is where Magic fans need to step up and leave us a comment below on our website. Based on fundamental research value via amazon or google shopping, the crate value didn’t add up to $50. But then again, there may be intrinsic value to some cards that I don’t know about. Either way – I shouldn’t be able to curate my own box for cheaper than the company, just food for thought.

#35 Comic Box Monthly


Subscription Cost: $15.00
Estimated Box Value: based on June’s box via TksJohnFilms = $10 – $15.00

  • X Factor – Mutant Sacrifice 1994
  • Blood Brothers – Blood Strike  1993
  • Silver Surfer – 1987
  • Captain Atom – year unknown
  • Wolverine – 1988
  • The Savage Dragon – year unknown
  • X Force – year unknown
  • New Mutants – 1987
  • Robin II – year unknown
  • Judge Dredd – year unknown

Jenny’s Thoughts: The subscription will get you at least 10 comics a month which are totally random. The one good thing is that each comic is bagged and boarded. So at least they come individually protected. That’s a win. The downside is that it is totally random, so some of the issues may be from the 80’s (which may be cool if you’re into that kind of thing) or it may be comics from indy artists. Again – it’s like Comic roulette, you are gambling that what they send you is going to have any personal worth. All things considered, this is definitely geared toward the comic collector. My only issue is the subscription price, most of these comics you can find at discount book stores, sometimes for a dollar. So essentially you’re paying for comics to be shipped to you, instead of going and hunting for them yourself. So if you’re willing to pay $1 per book, and shipping (for convenience) then consider this a good deal, just not the BEST deal. 🙂

#34 – Aboxalypse:


Subscription Cost: Starts at $10.00 but is customizable to your budget.
Estimated Box Value Based on Nerf Herder’s ($50) March Subscription Inventory Of Items: $87.00

  • 3 Star Wars Command Plastic Figure Packs
  • 2 Portal Sentry Turret Blind Boxes
  • The Crow Funko Pop
  • Harley Quinn Funko Pop
  • Daryl Dixon Chopper Funko Pop
  • Star Wars Comic w/Think Geek Varient Cover

Jenny’s Thoughts: This is a tough one. Based on the subscription description, you get to choose your level of payment for goods received. Meaning, if you only want to spend $10, you can, and you’ll received $10 worth of stuff. And so on up the food chain. The more you spend, the better stuff you get. That seems a little risky to me. But based on Nerf Herder’s review, the box he got for $50 doesn’t seem too bad. This is why they make the top 10. I like that it’s customizable, but I also like that the items shipped were pretty good collectable items. This is one in which I would proceed with caution and research if I were you. UPDATED: after many comments from our readers, we ranked this lower than our original post, due to poor customer service.

#33 Game Stop Vault Drop


Subscription Cost: $25.00
Estimated Box Value: based on May’s box via Hello Subscription = $33.00

  • Batman Arkham Knight Comic #1 $4
  • Spider-Man socks $9
  • Batman socks $10
  • ScribbleNauts Unmasked GameStop Exclusive Green Lantern $5
  • ScribbleNauts Unmasked GameStop Exclusive Batman $5

Jenny’s Thoughts: So this box is a little odd, or at least the May’s version was. First thing is first – this is not a subscription per say, it’s more of a “please buy our mystery box” each month kind of deal. Here is what Game Stop promises: “The drop will include an assortment of gamer and inner geek collectibles along with GameStop exclusive items and a special coupon valued at over $40. Must order every month.” The other item to note, is that there wasn’t a coupon included in the May box either. So – based on the fact that they had duplicate items (socks x 2) + (ScribbleNauts x 2) and a comic, I’d say this is kind of a miss for Game Stop despite the price to value ratio.

#32 PokéCrate


Subscription Cost: $20.00
Estimated Box Value: based on May’s box via iMonthly-Subscribe = $30.00

  • Taurus key chain $4
  • 2 loose Pokemon cards & coin $3
  • 2 Pokemon cards in a hard cover sleeve $4
  • 1 Pokemon card in a case $6
  • Snorlax plushie puppet $10
  • Pokemon Roaring Skies card pack $3

Jenny’s Thoughts: PokeCrate promises that every month’s box will include a plushie, and also feature a wide variety of Pokémon items, including shirts, booster packs, candy, out-of-print cards, and Pokémon merchandise. Here’s where things get weird. When you go to their website, the directions for how to select a crate are a little, how should I say this, non-existant. They have a shop, and in that shop you can add things to your cart on an individual basis, but there is nothing on the website that makes selecting a crate seem easy. And to me that’s a problem. Obviously this is a crate centered around Pokemon fans, so despite the price vs. value from above (and believe me, I was being very generous in my price comparisons), you’ll have to determine whether this box is worth it to you.

#31 – Nerd Block Jr. Boys:


Subscription Cost: $13.99
Estimated Box Value Based on October Inventory of Items: $25.00

  • TMNT Keychain Plush
  • Dragons Riders of Berk Dangers of the Deep Graphic Novel
  • Savvi Costume Face Tattoos
  • Nitro Grinders
  • Super Mario Mini Figure

Jenny’s Thoughts: I don’t know about this one guys. Honestly, because I don’t have children I don’t know if I’m the best judge for whether this box would be fun for boys. But just looking at the contents I’m less than enthused. Is it worth the $14 + shipping? Meh, I didn’t think so. The toys/features look boring. But maybe there is some little boy out there that thinks this is awesome. Who knows. This is one that you’d need to watch over a few months to see if the value varies.

#30 – Booty Bin:


Subscription Cost: $49.99
Estimated Box Value Based on Google Shopping the February Inventory of Items: $49.00

  • Pop Rocks
  • Slave Leia card holder
  • Mo Money Sticker
  • Handmade Firefly Pillowcase
  • Dice Stress Ball
  • Qman Figureine
  • “I So Out Geek You” key chain

Jenny’s Thoughts: This was a hard one for me. When I started to Google the cost of most of these items, it was hard to find exact matches. For example, the Mo-Money sticker was not available, nor was the handmade Firefly Pillowcase, so I had to make an educated guess. That being said, the only thing I found of value would have been the pillow case. The other items seem like worthless filler, and if I’m paying a company $50 for a subscription, I don’t want to feel like a pillow case is the only item that matters. Sorry Booty Bin, I wasn’t impressed.

#29 BoxyChan


Subscription Cost: $31.00
Estimated Box Value: based on recent box selections via Nerfherder Beejuboxes = $30 – $40.00

  • Gamer box
    • Mario puffy hat
    • Sonic the Hedgehog wrist band
    • Assassin’s Creed figurine
    • Chun-Li key chain
    • Super Mario Galaxy Gachapon
    • Mario Pins

Jenny’s Thoughts: BoxyChan is a little different than some of the other subscription services in the fact that they allow you to choose whether or not you want to “subscribe” or not. That’s right, you can either by one box at a time, or you can choose to have a subscription. The gimic is that you pick from a menu of themed products and they will personally fill with surprises. There are a bunch of themes, and they claim that even if you chose the same theme every month, you’re promised to get different content. It would also be interesting to know if you did subscribe, could you choose your own theme month-to-month, or does BoxyChan choose it for you? Either way, I think this is one of those companies that will give you your value’s worth, and the actual perceived value will be totally up to the person receiving the box.

#28 Comic Boxer


Subscription Cost: $20.00
Estimated Box Value: based on June’s box via Stadium Comics = $22.00

  • Amazing Spider Man Renew Your Vows #1 $4
  • Broken World #1 $4
  • Justice League of America #1 $6
  • Batman #41 $4
  • Signed by artist Mike Del Mundo: WeirdWorld #1 $4

Jenny’s Thoughts: The company hand picks a selection of the “hottest” comics that could include number one issues, variant covers, exclusives, and first appearances. The number of comics you will receive is anywhere between 5 to 7 different single issues. June’s box include 5 comics, and most of them were first issues. It was cool that they got the artist of Marvel’s Weirdworld to sign the comic, which adds a little bit of extra value (which is up to you) to the original comic cost. All in all – for comic lovers, this box is not a bad deal. You get what you pay for with this box.

#27 Naomi Kyle Quarterly


Subscription Cost: $50.00
Estimated Box Value: based on June’s box (My Subscription Addiction) = $69.50

  • Battery Morph Mug $12
  • Ritual Coffee 8oz bag $13
  • Hot chocolate on a stick $6 x 2
  • CC Made Popcorn 3oz $5
  • SkullCandy Ink’d Earbuds $10
  • Green Ronan Dragon Age RPG Set 1 Download Code $17.50

Jenny’s Thoughts: This is an interesting box. Apparently with the company Quarterly, Naomi will send you an eclectic mix of video game, pop culture, and art inspired goods. Each Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator detailing the items and why they were selected for the box. The box above was focused on Gamer Fuel and Fun, and is a collaboration with Naomi’s friend/food fanatic Kristin Emi. So all things considered, a quarterly box for $50 filled with mostly snack items that I can find at a cheaper price at my local grocery store is not what I would call a deal. Additionally, the mug, earbuds, and game are okay. They are pretty main stream, and most likely (if you’re like me) you have plenty of simple coffee mugs and headphones laying around. But maybe quarterly boxes are your thing. And maybe you really love snacks. So if that’s the case, then consider the value there. Just not my cup of tea.

#26 Landfall Freight Co.


Subscription Cost: $30.00
Estimated Box Value: based on June’s box via BookRatMisty = $32.00

  • Strong Brew tea infuser $10
  • Packet of Evil Blend Tea (est. $4)
  • Carmel Apple lollipop (est. $0.25)
  • The Spire #1 $4
  • Ms. Marvel #16 $4
  • Nimona Graphic Novel (est. $10)

Jenny’s Thoughts: So the box is in it’s very first month, and is being curated by two sisters in Canada who wanted to bring more comics to women and girls. Awesome! Landfall states that they only feature stories that have at least one female lead character, and they prioritize female creators, particularly for the graphic novel they promise in each box. So the value and the price are very close. I could not determine from their website if shipping was included (from Canada – eyh) or not. If shipping is included, then the value matching the price of subscription. If not, then you’ll be paying over the value for their first box. Keep in mind that the video unboxing from BookRatMisty (link above) states that some of her items were missing in the first box because it she was sent her box early to review. So that could sway the value one way or another depending on what they ended up being. I love the concept of this box, because girl reasons, I’m just weary on the value for such a new company. I say watch this one, because I’d love for this to be successful. Side note – I hate the subscription name – Landfall is too close to Landfill for me. And I don’t want women in comics to be associated to a Landfill. Can we fix that ladies?

#25 – My Geek Box:


Subscription Cost$30.00
Estimated Box Value Based on January Inventory of Items$38.00

  • My Geek Box Magazine
  • DC Comics Justice League Comic #3
  • Geek Shield Tee
  • Judge Dredd POP Funko Vinyl
  • Superman Energy Drink
  • Batman Keyring

Jenny’s Thoughts: This is another UK based company, which means shipping/handling are going to be a factor. I actually didn’t mind the contents shown in the picture, the shirt looks a little cheap, but overall, the contents seem fun, and if I was unboxing it, I would have been happy overall. The only issue I have with this is that it is coming from the UK which means that you’re paying more like $50 once everything is said and done. And I don’t know if the contents match the overall price I’d have to pay to get it to me.

#24 Cosmo Cube:


Subscription Cost:$25.00
Estimated Box Value: based on May’s box via Nerfherder = $37.00

  • Micro Muggs Iron Man $4
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Mystery Mini $7
  • Thor Pocket Pop $5
  • Thor’s Hammer Pin $4
  • Original artwork rocket poster for the company (est. $2)
  • Original artwork “The Order” t-shirt $15

Jenny’s Thoughts: The company started their services on March 2015 and only offered a total of 50 boxes (which means they are a very small operation). They claim that their box is different due to the content being curated around gatherings like Comic-Con, PAX, WizCon, etc. They also offer geeky/nerdy, gaming and pop culture gear along with a t-shirt and poster that comes from an original artist in which you vote for month to month on their website. And after watching the video review provide by Nerfherder, I wasn’t as disappointed with the inventory like he was, but needless to say, most of the items they curated have been on the market for a while. So much so, you could probably just walk through Target or your local comic book shop and get the same things. The only original items were the poster and the shirt, which was just okay. So this one is up to you – the value was slightly over the cost. I’d be weary till they get a few more boxes out.

#23 – Geek Me Box:


Subscription Cost$29.99
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items$42.00

  • Hero Vs Hero Tee
  • Assassins Creed Connor (with Mohawk)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Mini Morphed
  • Pac-Man Keychain
  • Dragon Ball Z Chromium Archive Edition Trading Cards

Jenny’s Thoughts: I may have unfairly ranked this one low, but hear me out. The price for this box is $30 for the subscription (which includes shipping/handling). That being said, there are other boxes on this list that offer just about the same amount of items for a lower subscription cost. It’s not that the items are bad, actually they are pretty awesome. The T-shirt looks to be of good quality, and the mini figure is fun, plus you get your very own Assassin’s Creed action toy (if you’re into that thing). When subscription boxes are competing for price vs. value, I think you can do just as well with some of the lower priced companies out there.

#22 Fandom Of The Month Club


Subscription Cost: $15.00
Estimated Box Value: based on May’s box via My Happy Mail = $32.00

  • S&S Ink Stash Sack $2
  • LOTR White Tree of Gondor Earrings $10
  • Hobbit Door Necklace $10
  • One Ring Bracelet $10

Jenny’s Thoughts: Yo. So this subscription box is pretty cool if you’re into jewelry. Yeah – it’s a surprise jewelry of the month club! So far, the themes I saw online were pretty cool. As you can see from May, Lord Of the Rings was the main theme. But I also saw from previous boxes that they did other geeky themes like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and more. The only thing I am weary on is that when I went to research the jewelry, it was really hard to find similar products. And even if I did find something similar, the price range between the items was so drastic, it was hard to truly come up with an estimated average. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing, since that means the jewelry they are curating must be somewhat original. That being said – if you’re a fan of wearing your geekery, this is the box for you. The value is most likely there, unfortunately the research (read googling) was a little less than reliable.

#21 Comic Block


Subscription Cost: $14.00
Estimated Box Value: based on June’s box via My Subscription Addiction = $29.00

  • Batman vs. Superman t-shirt $10
  • Avengers Pen $1
  • 21st Century Tank Girl #1 $10
  • Ghostbusters: Get Real #1 $4
  • Groot #1 $4

Jenny’s Thoughts: Comic Block is from the same company that gave you Nerd Block, Horror Block, Arcade Block, etc. With this subscription you get 3 comics (some might be variants or graphic novels), one exclusive t-shirt, and one comic collectible. Whether or not the value of items will be worth it to you will largely depend on you liking the shirt and bonus item – it’s certainly more for curation and discovery, which the comics do for those that are fans. Like most of “block” boxes, this is totally up to preference. Not a bad box for the value if you ask me.

#20 Owl Crate


Subscription Cost: $30.00
Estimated Box Value: based on May’s box via My Subscription Addiction = $46.00

  • Magonia hard back book $18
  • GeekTat Alice In Wonderland Temp Tattoo $7
  • Obvious State Notebook $6
  • Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty $15

Jenny’s Thoughts: I like the idea of this mystery box. Owl Crate promise to send you a newly released YA book with some bookish goodies each month. So for you book worms out there, especially if you’re crazy about Young Adult literature, then this is the box for you. The value seems to be there, and if you love reading, then you know that a good book is worth it’s weight in gold.

#19 Fan Mail


Subscription Cost: $22.00
Estimated Box Value: based on June’s box  via Subscription Box Mom = $54.00

  • How To Train Your Dragon Toothless t-shirt $15
  • Legend of Zelda necklace $4
  • Sorcerer’s Stone Soap $8
  • Game Of Thrones Purple Wedding Invitation $10
  • Once Upon A Time & Hobbit, & Harry Potter buttons $3
  • The Hobbit Thranduil brooch $8
  • Harry Potter nail art $6

Jenny’s Thoughts: Fan Mail is a mystery box designed for lady geeks, though I am sure anyone could enjoy it’s contents. The company states that their boxes contain a variety of memorabilia and collectibles, some old, some new, some handmade, some fanmade. Among the items you may find are exclusive comics and t-shirts, jewelry, stationery, books, autographs, photos and more. And each month, you’ll get a pop culture newsletter that will tell you what movies are coming out, what’s up for streaming (on Netflix or similar service), and what conventions or events are out there that you may want to attend. Listen, I’m a sucker for girly items, because girl reasons. And I love that they curate some of their stuff from fans. I think that is ingenious and not something other companies are doing. The value of the box is legit – they keep to their promise of offering at least $50 worth of items for the $22 subscription cost. Not to shabby Fan mail. I’ll be keeping my eye on you.

#18 – Hero Crate:


Subscription Cost: $29.99
Estimated Box Value Based on December Inventory of Items: $37.00

  • Marvel Comics Air Freshener
  • Captain America Mug
  • POP Funko Vinyl Captain America
  • Cap’n Ameri-Crunch Tee

Jenny’s Thoughts: Just like #16 – Geek Me Box, this is another subscription where I actually like the contents of the box, I just don’t want to pay the $30 subscription price. The thing that separates this company from the others is that there is no actual subscription or shipping and handling fee. You pay the flat rate price of $29.99, and they ship you a box. This would be a great box to test out, I just don’t know if I want to pay the $29.99. Call me cheap. But I do like the concept of no fuss, no subscription. This is one I’ll be tracking for a while.

#17 – 1UP Box:


Subscription Cost: $12.92
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items: $31.00

  • Super Cross Bros T-Shirt
  • Walking Dead Wind-Up Action Figure
  • Nintendo Mushroom Candy
  • Toy Grenade
  • Zombie Anit-Virus Hand Sanitizer

Jenny’s Thoughts: As we get close and close to #1, it’s going to be hard to delineate between each subscription. This wasn’t so bad – I just wasn’t as impressed with the contents as others. The only thing I really like based on the photo is the T-Shirt. I would wear the T-shirt. The other stuff is just filler, and thus not really worth the cost of subscription + shipping/handling.

#16 – Collectible Geek:


Subscription Cost: $15.25
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items: $67.00

  • Tauriel POP Funko Vinyl
  • Slytherin and Gryffindor Patches
  • Hermione Time Turner Necklace
  • Lord of the Rings Ring Pendant
  • Game of Thrones Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure
  • Game of Thrones Necklace
  • Exclusive themed poster
  • KRE-O Dungeons & Dragons Army Builder Pack

Jenny’s Thoughts: I was torn. As much as I am a HUGE fan of Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter, I couldn’t bring myself to rank this one in the top ten. The value is there, at least, the PERCEIVED value is there. The items certainly are fun, but I had to think….would I actually wear the necklaces or sport the patches. And as a 35 yr. old woman, the answer is no. Probably not. Which then makes most of the items useless to me. Sure, I’m a collector, and like to have moments of my favorite geek franchises, but I’m also selective about what I collect. This is probably better suited for someone younger than me who is cool with collecting anything and everything. That being said, the ring is pretty rad… I may rethink this in the future. I’ll keep my eye on you Collectible Geek!

#15 – My Geeky Goodies:


Subscription Cost: $24.99
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items: $43.00

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Volume One DVD
  • COPS Volume 1 DVD
  • Eternian Academy T-Shirt by TeeMaki.com
  • Kre-O Transformers Ultimate Kreon Collection
  • Mordles Blind Bag Edition by Toyfinity.com
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Figure

Jenny’s Thoughts: This is a pretty cool box. Mind you, the box is a little pricey, but at least they don’t charge you shipping. I like that aspect. The price seems fair for the inventory of items received, and they are items that are fun and not something I would usually seek for myself. This is one I would track for a while as well, to see if they do well on consistently packing their boxes.

#14 – Nerd Block Jr. Girls:


Subscription Cost: $13.99
Estimated Box Value Based on January Inventory of Items$25.00

  • Olaf Beanie Baby
  • Despicable Me 2 Minion Finger Puppet
  • Hello Kitty First Aid Kit
  • Shopkins Seasons 2 Blind Bag
  • Harry Potter Figures (2)

Jenny’s Thoughts: I don’t know who is curating the Nerd Block Jr Girls vs. Nerd Block Jr Boys, but the girls box for January was far superior. They really know girls. With items centered around Frozen, Hello Kitty, and Harry Potter, the value of this box for the price is spot on. I can just hear the squeals for miles when some unsuspecting little girl opens the boxes of surprises. As I have been saying, consistency is key, so it’s worth the research into ongoing months.

#13 – Horror Block:


Subscription Cost: $19.99
Estimated Box Value Based on January Inventory of Items: $47.00

  • Normal People Scare Me Tee
  • Good Guy Tee
  • MadBalls
  • Living Dead Dolls Figurines Pink Posey
  • Rue Morgue Magazine
  • The Twilight Zone Comic Issue 1: Shadow and Substance

Jenny’s Thoughts: I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a horror fan; but this box seems pretty awesome for people who are! Immediately I thought of one of my husband’s friends who I know would love this box (Jordan, I’m looking at you). For $20 this box offers two tee’s! That’s value enough right there. Well done Horror Block – I’d be curious to see what your other months look like.

#12 – Nerd Block:


Subscription Cost: $19.99
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items$47.00

  • Titans Vinyl Figures: Better Call Saul
  • Flashsicle Tee
  • Cliccors (Set of 2)
  • Star Wars Comic
  • Nerd Play Series 1 Cards
  • Paladone Drum Desk Set

Jenny’s Thoughts: This is the 3rd Nerd Block subscription in the top 10. That should say something about this company. Fun T-Shirt, fun comic, fun figurine. This box has got it all. This is one that I will be watching for a while due to the price point, and the overall perceived value.

 #11 – Hero Box:


Subscription Cost: $49.99
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items Of Items (as per Nerf Herder): $75.00

  • Shazam! T-shirt
  • 2 Pair of Captain America Socks
  • Superman Keyring
  • Superman Water Bottle
  • Captain America Bag
  • Superman Window Decal
  • Action Comics
  • 2 Buttons
  • Magnet
  • Superman eraser
  • Papercraft item

Jenny’s Thoughts: I really loved this box (well, the photo of it at least). Looks like a really fun box. And based on Nerf Herder’s description, he really liked it as well. The only reason why I didn’t rank this higher is because of the $49.99 price tag for subscription. Looks like a solid box, just a little too pricey for my blood.

#10 Power Up Box


Subscription Cost: $20.00
Estimated Box Value: based on June’s box (My Subscription Addiction) = $56.00

  • Rocket Raccoon Dorbz Vinyl Figure $12
  • Marvel Groot #1 $3
  • Monopoly T-Shirts x 2 $15 each
  • NECA Scaler Potted Groot $5
  • Bean Boozled jelly beans $4
  • DeadWorld Orange Roamer Soda $2

Jenny’s Thoughts: This was a great box for June! After looking at numerous reviews for this company, it looks like they have gotten it right. If you’re like me, you appreciate the T-Shirts and the figurines from Funko Pop. Including a comic, and a couple of other fun items makes the unboxing experience an enjoyable one. I would say this is in the same realm as the other top subscription companies out there. It all boils down to your matter of preference and allegiance.

#9 Super Geek Box


Subscription Cost: $19.00
Estimated Box Value: based on June’s box via Boored At Work = $54.00

  • Link button pin $1
  • Legend Of Zelda T-Shirt $15
  • South Park Stick Of Truth figurine $10
  • Link tin candy box $3
  • Captain America Air Freshener $4
  • Bravest Warriors key chain $5
  • Dragon Ball-Z collector cards $8
  • Dorbz Batman figurine $8

Jenny’s Thoughts:  I had my doubts about this box, but honestly it wasn’t a bad month for Super Geek Box. The curated items were fun – pretty standard when you start comparing them to Loot Crate, or Hero Crate. That being said – there is nothing in the box that is exclusive that you wouldn’t get from another subscription box that is is already out there and established. But for the money, the value of the box is definitely there. The T-Shirt and figurines are your highest valued items, and with those alone, you get more than what you paid for with the subscription. So ultimately, this is not a bad box. You’ll just have to compare it to the other similar boxes out there and see if you like Super Geek Box better.

#8 – The ZBOX:

zbox 2

Subscription Cost: $13.99
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items (as per Warped Factor): $72.00

  • The Walking Dead MiniMates
  • DVD Zombies: The Living History
  • Zombie Badges
  • Zombie Hunting Permit Car Sticker
  • Brain Licker Candy
  • Green Vinyl 7″ Single Featuring Music From John Carpenter’s The Fog
  • Limited Edition Zombie T-shirt Illustrated By Artist Dan Mumford
  • Zombie Themed Socks

Jenny’s Thoughts: Zbox is newer into the game, and they have a lot of options on their website. By the looks of the contents of the box, you really are getting some cool geeky stuff. And the price isn’t bad either. Just be cautioned, this is a UK based company – which means shipping/handling need to be considered. But based on the customizable contents and the estimated cost of delivery, it looks like this is a solid box. If anyone has experience with Zbox, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

#7 – Geek Fuel:


Subscription Cost: $13.90
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items: $47.00

  • Batman Pacman Tee
  • Retro Magazine “Best of Year 1″ Issue #0
  • Space Invaders Soap on a Rope
  • Pin and sticker for Read Retro
  • DC Comics Superhero Pint Glass
  • Worms Downloadable Game w/ Gummies

Jenny’s Thoughts: Solid, solid, box. This is one that I’m considering looking into as an alternative subscription. Love the T-shirt, the fun themed soap on a rope, great pint glass (wonder woman always gets me). And for the price, it seems right in line with the perceived value. A while back I was given the chance to fully review their 90’s Retro box, check out that review here.

 #6 – Comic Bento:


Subscription Cost: $17.50
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items: $60.00

  • Ms. Marvel
  • Miss Fury
  • Shutter
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Jenny’s Thoughts: Who doesn’t love comic books? And in this case – graphic novels. That’s right, Comic Bento doesn’t send you single issues, they send you graphic novels. And with the average price per graphic novel at $15 per book, the value vs. subscription cost is off the charts. I’m seriously considering this one as a new subscription, just don’t tell my hubby.

 #5 – Arcade Block:


Subscription Cost: $19.99
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items: $57.00

  • Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Tee
  • Link Plush
  • Hyrule Mouse Pad
  • StarFox Coffee Mug
  • Pac-Man Key Chain
  • Sonic Buildable Figure

Jenny’s Thoughts: Another solid box by Nerd Block. Obviously they know what they are doing.  I love gaming centered themes, and I think any gamer out there would too. This time Arcade block went above and beyond their subscription value with some really cool items. Kinda wish I had that StarFox mug in my house, too bad I subscribe to another service.

#4 Your Toy Box


Subscription Cost: $25.00
Estimated Box Value: based on April’s box via The Nerf Herder = $63.00

  • 1988 Alf figurine $4
  • 1978 Buck Rodgers Wilma Deering Action Figure $20
  • 1982 LJN Dungeons & Dragons Dwarf $5
  • SD Gundam figure $5
  • 1995 Star Wars Power of The Force Lando Calrissian $4
  • 1996 Star Wars Die Cast Millennium Falcon $5
  • NES Dr. Mario Game $6
  • Transformers Robot Heroes Optimus Prime $4
  • 1980 Star Wars IG88 $5
  • 2002 Zoids Liger Zero Figure $5

Jenny’s Thoughts: Wow! For you retro toy collectors out there – this is the box for you. If you’re not familiar with the company, Your Toy Box sends you a bunch of new and vintage toys each month from a list of 100 categories that you pick and choose from. Every box is different, so the box represented above is on a fraction of the possibilities you can get. And that’s nice – it means customization for each person, and basically no duplicates. And with a sticker price of $25 that equals a value over $50, then this is a win for the subscriber. The only catch is that most of these toys are used. So you have to be okay with that. With the exception of maybe a few – the toys are retro based, and pulled from the depths of Mordor. No, not really, but you get the idea.

#3 – Loot Crate:


Subscription Cost: $13.95
Estimated Box Value Based on February Inventory of Items: $60.00

  • DIY Munny Figure
  • Rock Paper Scissors Dice
  • Hex Bug Ant
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
  • Waka-Waka Poster by Manny Peters
  • SkyBound Games SUPERFIGHT Card Game

Jenny’s Thoughts: Okay, full disclaimer – I’m a little biased to Loot Crate. I’ve been subscribing to them for the past 6+ months. But here’s the thing – I have been more than happy with each shipment. The consistency of their boxes is outstanding. Don’t believe me, go out on the internet and read the reviews and watch the unboxing of so many other subscribers. Loot Crate knows how to diversify their geekiness. Sometimes you get shirts, sometimes socks, sometimes books, sometimes toys/collectables, etc. They also have offered their subscribers exclusive items (of which I have partaken).

#2 ComicCon Box


Subscription Cost: $30.00
Estimated Box Value: based on May’s box via (My Subscription Addiction$70.00

  • “No Strings” Ultron t-shirt $12
  • Avengers Kree-Skrull War Card Pack $4
  • Billionaire Playboys Print $10
  • Marvel Secret Wars Comic (Exclusive Variant) $5
  • Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Mug $13
  • Metal Earth Halo Master Chief Hemet $9
  • Mustache Friends Plushstache $10
  • Marvel Spider-man Smashem $2
  • The LEGO Movie luggage tag $5

Jenny’s Thoughts: So Wizard World Comic Con is getting into the subscription box service. I mean, why not. Everyone else is doing it too. They state that their box delivers Comic Con to the doorsteps of fans with toys, collectibles, and exclusives. So how are they different from everyone else? Well they claim the following: “ComicConBox is a PREMIUM monthly box that truly brings Comic Con to doorsteps of the fans. Although we love and respect the “other guys”, there is simply nobody in the industry that can compare to the quality and variation of products you will receive in your ComicConBox.” Cmmmmmm. I think the jury is still out on that claim. But I will say, that you can win extra prizes for sharing your unboxing experience, and that seems cool, but it’s videos only, so keep that in mind. Anyway – the value is definitely there. Remember though, that the price doesn’t include shipping, so depending on where you live, you’ll incur a little more than the $30 price tag. But looks like this one is worth it.

#1 – Marvel Collector Corps:



Subscription Cost: $25.00
Estimated Value Based on June’s box: $50.00

  • Exclusive Marvel Ant-Man Pin/Patch estimate $7 (for the pair)
  • Exclusive Marvel Pop-Funko Ant-Man Bobble-Head estimate $10
  • (Non-Exclusive) Marvel Mystery Minis Blind Box Bobble-Heads estimate $7 x 2
  • Exclusive Marvel Ant-Man/Pop-Funko Mashup T-Shirt estimate $15
  • (Non-Exclusive) Marvel’s variant cover of Ant-Man comic issue #5 $4

Jenny’s Thoughts: Marvel is jumping on the monthly mystery geek box band wagon with their own mystery box and it’s definitely something you should check out. They already had one for April (Avengers theme) and now their June box is officially mailed out. And what’s cool about the Marvel Collector Corps, is that this subscription service is doing something a little different from the pack. Here is how Marvel claims to be different than most of the other monthly subscription boxes: It only ships out every other month. That’s right – you only get 6 boxes a year, vs. 12. This is due to the highly exclusive nature of their boxes. Marvel promises 100% Exclusive: Every Item, Every Box! They claim on their website that their box is full of Marvel and Funko items available ONLY through Collector Corps. Marvel also promises No Fluff – $50 value in every box. The subscription fee is $25, and their promise to you is that you should receive $50 in value of exclusive, high-quality collectible products including but not limited to apparel, accessories, toys and memorabilia. Why do they get the #1 spot, because I have first hand experience in receiving their exclusive items – this hands down is one of the best boxes out there.

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Monthly Mystery Geek Subscription Box Rankings

  1. One box that should DEFINITELY be on here is Big Ol Box of Stuff. It’s $35 a month and shipping is included. You fill out a questionnaire to give them an idea as to what fandoms you like and they tailor your custom box based on your answers. They are very active on FaceBook and will always respond fairly quickly. I urge everyone to check them out. Vintage items, pop! Vinyls, comics, action figures, trading cards, buttons/pins, keychains, etc. Our very fist box we got the following:
    • Sesame Street Funko Pop! Super Grover
    • Walking Dead Mystery Mini
    • 6 Vintage Muppets Pins
    • Simpsons Annual Comic
    • Original Beetlejuice ‘Showtime’ Action Figure
    • Original Beetlejuice ‘Shish-Kebab’ Action Figure
    • Funko Mopeez Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Plush
    • Deadpool Chimichangas Magnet
    • Original Pack of Harry & The Hendersons Trading Cards UNOPENED
    *The Overall Value if these items were purchased separately comes out to $75 at the absolute lowest but the customer service and the amount of work they put into each box alone is worth it. They also do not charge you automatically each month so it is always on your terms.
    http://Www.bigolboxofstuff.com or if you want to check out photos, unboxings or even just talk to them and other subscribers go to facebook and search Big Ol’ Box of Stuff (I don’t know that url for sure but I think it is https://m.facebook.com/pages/Big-Ol-Box-Of-Stuff/ Hope you check it out, you won’t regret it!

  2. you should look into OurBabyBundle.com – best baby shower gift for 2017 – a subscription box tailored to the development of your baby.

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