April 23, 2024

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Oh sure, this is an amazing site where you can read about geeky news and have a laugh courtesy of all the writers on the site.  But what’s even better is when you get to talk to your friends about geeky stuff.  That’s what we do every week and we record it so you can (virtually) join us!  It’s the Gabbing Geek podcast and, well, it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Because barrels of monkeys aren’t fun.  Even if they were somehow able to escape the barrel and then play with you, I’m thinking our podcast would still be more fun.  Because we throw poop about 40% less often than a monkey.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast then there are many, many ways for you to enjoy your weekly dose of geeky goodness.  Here are the big ones:

We hope you are enjoying our wonderful website, but we also encourage you to listen to our award winning podcast (sure they are awards Ryan made up like “Rickety-est Table”).  We’ve been geeking for many moons, so a lot of running gags have formed along the way.  Here for your edification, are some of the big ones that you might hear repeated.

  • #Jenny30 – You know how some people have a list of 3 or 5 celebrities they could allegedly have sex with as a free pass from their partner?  Free Pass List, Laminated List, whatever it’s called.  It was even on Friends so it’s a thing.  Yeah, Jenny’s list has 30 guys on it.  And it’s a real list.
  • #JennyMath – It’s not because Jenny’s blonde.  It’s not because Jenny’s female.  It’s because Jenny is horrible at math.  Or numbers.  We once did a segment on John Williams where Jenny proudly announced that he had 49 Academy Awards.  Which she quickly corrected to 6.  Because, you know, 49 and 6 look very similar.  That’s #JennyMath for you.
  • #OfCourseHeDid – Watson.  If he did something you’d find shocking if committed by someone else but it isn’t shocking because Watson did it, this is the response.
  • Anna/Anya – Watson can’t remember the name of the younger sister in Frozen.
  • Aquaman – Watson loves Aquaman on a level that, if Aquaman were real, even he would find disturbing.
  • Baby Killing is Bad – It’s true.  It’s also the first position we took on Gabbing Geek when debating whether Caprica-Six (the blonde Cylon in Battlestar Galactica) was bad in the pilot.  She reached into a stroller and killed a baby.  So we went out on a limb and called her bad.
  • Bane Voice – Jenny does a Bane impression that will leave you as breathless as Bane himself.
  • Batnipples/Geek Boners – Because when you get excited about something geeky there’s only one way to describe it.
  • Clayton Not Going to College – Clayton is Watson’s oldest son.  He also listens to the podcast and has sent us some emails about how wrong his father is on some things.  As a result, Clayton no longer has a college fund.
  • Clue Is Quotable – Back in the early days of Gabbing Geek we had a Top 3 segment on Most Quotable Movies.  Watson picked Clue as his top choice.  At which point Ryan challenged Watson to listen to three Clue quotes and identify the fake one.  Watson failed the test.  But he proceeds to insist it is quotable, a notion only reinforced when he asked Neil Patrick Harris for his favorite Clue quote as told in Episode 11.
  • Diehard Is a Christmas Classic – In our first Holiday specials we discussed how Die Hard is one of the best Christmas movies ever made.  Jenny said it wasn’t even a Christmas movie.  While Watson and Ryan agreed we decided to throw it open to our listeners and had a poll that got some international attention.  Result?  Die Hard is so a Christmas a movie.
  • Droidists – It’s sad that there are still people out there who discriminate solely on the basis of whether you’re a droid.  Sadder still that one of them is Watson.  History will not be forgiving to you, Watson!
  • Entitled Princess Thor
  • Geek Debates – You may have had a debate with a fellow geek on the best Star Wars movie or favorite Star Trek episode.  But you still haven’t done a Geek Debate like we do it on Gabbing Geek.  Because we don’t only debate geeky topics, such as the best Harry Potter book, but we do it in a geeky style, such as in the styles of Hodor, Groot, and Timmy from South Park.  Now that’s a Geek Debate!
  • Golden Harmonica
  • Herps and ‘Roids
  • Keanu Reeves/Nic Cage
  • Lost is a Great Show – Ryan hates Lost.  Hated it from the first season.  So now Jenny and Watson like to bring up how much they think Lost is a great show.  Also because they have no taste.
  • Lying Under the Rock
  • Pitch, Please!?!
  • ROD (Rent/Own/Delete) – Our game where you pick a topic, such as John Williams scores, pick three items, such as the themes to Indiana Jones and Star Wars and Superman, and then players must choose which of the three they will Rent, Own, or Delete.  Rent means you get to listen/watch/read/whatever one more time and then the content is gone, Own means you get to keep it forever and use it whenever you want, and Delete means you must destroy the content and never consume it again.
  • Screw the Bishop
  • Tom Kelly
  • Top Three – A regular segment on the podcast where we list our top three…whatevers.  Villains who were redeemed, geek prophecies, funniest moment from TV or movie, we’ve covered a lot of top threes.
  • Uranus will always be funny – Because it will.

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