July 19, 2024

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Meet The Geeks

Welcome to Gabbing Geek! We, the Geeks, are three friends doing a weekly podcast about movies, comic books, TV, science fiction, books, board games, video games, and all other things geeky. We’re nothing fancy, and we don’t claim to be able to travel back to the future, but we do love to geek out, and we hope you will continue to geek out with us! If you haven’t already given us a listen – check us out on iTunes and on Stitcher. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll probably slap a passerby, but it’s all in good fun. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Say hello to Ryan Garcia (on the left): 

10454435_10204581076192593_2526563360286406920_nWhat made me a geek? Birth. Fortunately I was brought forth into a world that was ready to develop the video games, science fiction, streaming content, and social media technology that I needed to survive. If I had been born a century earlier things would have been ugly. But I’m here and you’re here and it’s all good. Let’s go watch aliens blow stuff up.

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  • If I could have one superpower what would it be? Super-speed
  • Favorite book EVAH? Contact and Ready Player One (tie, even the fifth tiebreaker could not resolve).
  • Favorite movie EVAH? The Matrix
  • Favorite TV show EVAH? Battlestar Galactica (and if you ask which one then get the hell out right now)
  • Favorite Video Game EVAH? Portal 2
  • Favorite Superhero? Batman
  • Star Wars or Star Trek? Definitely
  • Marvel or DC? Absolutely
  • Scifi or Fantasy? Scifi
  • If I could live in one fantasy world for a day?  Wait, I only get to live in the world for ONE DAY? How is that cool? If it’s something I like then won’t it suck when I have to leave. Crap, I only have a few more characters to write an answ–
  • My Favorite Actor? Bryan Cranston
  • My Favorite Actress? Idina Menzel

 Say hello to Jenny Newman:

10422932_10152349828173353_640684219625605447_nWhat made me a geek? You could say Aslan was my “geekway” drug. It all started with C.S. Lewis. My parents bought me the full 7 books in the Narnia series and the minute I opened up the first book, I was hooked. Magical lands I could only dream about, kids popping in and out of wardrobes, paintings, etc. to visit a flying lion? Sign me up! It was my love for Lewis’ fantastical world that ultimately opened up my eyes to fantasy, which led to scifi, and finally on to comics, movies, and more. Now my poor wallet and friends suffer the constant flow of geekiness that is Supergeekerella. Yep, code name. Drop mic.

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  • If I could have one superpower what would it be? Telekinesis
  • Favorite book EVAH? The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
  • Favorite movie EVAH? The Princess Bride
  • Favorite TV show EVAH? Sherlock
  • Favorite Video Game EVAH? Legend of Zelda (classic NES)
  • Favorite Superhero?Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?Star Wars
  • Marvel or DC? Marvel
  • Scifi or Fantasy?Is this a sick joke? Ummm, I choose both. Suck it Watson!
  • If I could live in one fantasy world for a day? Narnia
  • My Favorite Actor? Benedict Cumberbatch
  • My Favorite Actress? Jennifer Lawrence

 Say hello to William Watson: 

What made me a geek? All credit goes to George Lucas. No wrapping paper roll was safe because I would seize it make it my lightsaber. I wanted a bull whip at age 8. I still have a bullwhip but I now use it for other things!

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  • If I could have one superpower what would it be?Flight 
  • Favorite book EVAH?To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Favorite movie EVAH? The Dark Knight
  • Favorite TV show EVAH? Game of Thrones
  • Favorite Video Game EVAH?Mario Kart SNES
  • Favorite Superhero?Wally West Flash
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?Star Wars
  • Marvel or DC?DC
  • Scifi or Fantasy?Fantasy (modern)
  • If I could live in one fantasy world for a day?Roger Rabbit’s Toontown
  • My Favorite Actor?Hugh Jackman
  • My Favorite Actress? Kristin Wiig

Say hello to our contributing writers!

Jimmy Impossible

What made me a geek? Seriously, I’m gonna take the geekiest approach ever to this and ctrl-C Ryan’s and and ctrl-V it here.

  • If I could have one superpower what would it be? Hmmm…tough one.  I honestly don’t know how any superhero that is not invincible survives without spider-sense, but I’d really have no use for that.  The biggest crime I fight most days is keeping crumbs out of the jar of peanut butter.  Invisibility would be useful, but I think I’d have to go with flight. 
  • Favorite book EVAH?Book?  What’s a book?  Haha, ok, seriously, I dunno.  Amazing Spider-Man?  
  • Favorite movie EVAH? Terminator 2: Judgement Day 
  • Favorite TV show EVAH?Just one? Damn, so many.  Just because, no reason whatsoever, I’m gonna say Lost.  
  • Favorite Video Game EVAH? I hate making these lists.  Again, so many.  The first couple of Resident Evil games. Fallout 3.  All the Uncharted.  All the Rocksteady Batman. 
  • Favorite Superhero?Spider-Man 
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?Man, you just have to go with Star Wars right?  But I’m also one of the biggest Next Generation fans you will ever meet, so Trek?  But I do love Empire and Episode IV…but the new Trek films are SOOO good.  (Cumberbatch!) Next question?
  • Marvel or DC?Marvel Zombie for sure, and that was my go to universe growing up, though I read both.
  • Scifi or Fantasy? Scifi 
  • If I could live in one fantasy world for a day? The land of Chocolate from the Simpsons episode Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk.  
  • My Favorite Actor?I haven’t really had one since Arnold became a Governor. 
  • My Favorite Actress?<insert inappropriate remark that gets me slapped by Jenny and high fived by Watson> 

Tom Kelly

What made me a geek?  For a man my age, I could go with the obvious answer and say “Star Wars,” but I think the real answer may be “Superfriends”.  Star Wars is the first movie I distinctly remember seeing in the theater, though I know I saw other movies, most likely Disney cartoons, before that.  But really, the Superfriends got me into superheroes, which led to everything there after.  Yeah, the science, the logic, and the fact the Superfriends all seem to share a personality means there is much, much better out there, but gateways don’t have to be something you love as an adult so long as you loved them as a highly impressionable kid.

  • If I could have one superpower what would it be? To Be Batman!  
  • Favorite book EVAH?King Lear  
  • Favorite movie EVAH? Roshomon  
  • Favorite TV show EVAH?These days?  The Simpsons, seasons 3-10.   
  • Favorite Video Game EVAH? Not much for games…World of Warcraft or Tetris.  
  • Favorite Superhero?Batman, and the Spectre.  
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?Wars, but only because the worst of the prequels is not as bad as Star Trek V.  
  • Marvel or DC?A little of column A and a little of column B. 
  • Scifi or Fantasy? Yes  
  • If I could live in one fantasy world for a day? Most of the interesting fantasy worlds would probably kill me in about a day, truth be told, unless it was designed for kids, and who the heck wants to hang out in Care-A-Lot?   
  • My Favorite Actor?Paul Newman. 
  • My Favorite Actress?Amy Adams.