Doom Patrol

Ah, the Doom Patrol.  A team of wacky misfit superheroes who don’t fit well into regular society.  Or any sort of society.  They save the day because, well, why not?  It beats sitting around moping.  And it looks like the DC Universe streaming service got this group done right.

Season One

  1. Pilot
  2. Donkey Patrol
  3. Puppet Patrol
  4. Cult Patrol
  5. Paw Patrol
  6. Doom Patrol Patrol
  7. Therapy Patrol
  8. Danny Patrol
  9. Jane Patrol
  10. Hair Patrol
  11. Frances Patrol
  12. Cyborg Patrol
  13. Flex Patrol
  14. Penultimate Patrol
  15. Ezekiel Patrol

Season Two

  1. Fun Size Patrol
  2. Tyme Patrol
  3. Pain Patrol
  4. Sex Patrol
  5. Finger Patrol
  6. Space Patrol
  7. Dumb Patrol
  8. Dad Patrol
  9. Wax Patrol