July 19, 2024

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Discworld Read-Along


Sir Terry Pratchett died on March 12, 2015.  As a way of honoring the work of a man who helped make me the Geek I am today, I started to reread his (rather longrunning) Discworld series.  Skipping a few of the short stories and “science” text books, this project once complete will include all 41 books, even the ones written for younger readers.  What happens beyond that point?  Beats me.  Wait and see.

In the meantime, please enjoy this look at Pratchett’s best known work, the satirical fantasy setting of the Discworld, a flat planet on the backs of four elephants on the back of a turtle that swims through the cosmos.

  1. The Color of Magic
  2. The Light Fantastic
  3. Equal Rites
  4. Mort
  5. Sourcery
  6. Wyrd Sisters
  7. Pyramids
  8. Guards! Guards!
  9. Eric
  10. Moving Pictures
  11. Reaper Man
  12. Witches Abroad
  13. Small Gods
  14. Lords and Ladies
  15. Men at Arms
  16. Soul Music
  17. Interesting Times
  18. Maskerade
  19. Feet of Clay
  20. Hogfather
  21. Jingo
  22. The Last Continent
  23. Carpe Jugulum
  24. The Fifth Elephant
  25. The Truth
  26. Thief of Time
  27. The Last Hero
  28. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
  29. Night Watch
  30. The Wee Free Men
  31. Monstrous Regiment
  32. A Hat Full Of Sky
  33. Going Postal
  34. Thud!
  35. Wintersmith
  36. Making Money
  37. Unseen Adacemicals
  38. I Shall Wear Midnight
  39. Snuff
  40. Raising Steam
  41. The Shepherd’s Crown


Hey, we’re not done just yet.  Let’s look at a handful of other works.

Co-written with Neil Gaiman

The Long Earth series co-written with Stephen Baxter

  1. The Long Earth
  2. The Long War