June 15, 2024

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Ozark “My Dripping Sleep”

Season One, Episode Three.

Huh.  A life of crime may not work out too well long term or short term or any term.  But from what I’ve seen here, it sure does look like the Byrdes are both a lot smarter than they should be here but at the same time have no idea how many people are out to get them.

Let’s look at the potential problems as Marty throws him into being the co-owner of the Blue Cat Inn with some business ideas that could work, losing sleep in the process.

So, who’s out to get him, and by extension, perhaps the rest of his family?


Agent Roy Petty just moved into the area, sending another agent (and his former boyfriend) to tell Marty and Wendy that Marty’s dead partner is dead and was an FBI informant.  Marty and Wendy,…don’t really react and plead ignorance.  It doesn’t seem likely that Petty is buying it.


Dean owns the local low-rent strip club that figured out Marty was looking to launder money.  He stops by and comments a bit here, and Marty is…suspicious.


We don’t really see these guys this episode, but young Jonah Byrde is doing a lot of research into the sort of violence those guys do to people who piss ’em off.


Oh boy, these folks will be the biggest problems.  Sure, Wendy can hustle and get herself a job and her spoiled daughter organic pistachio ice cream, but Charlotte will spot Wyatt Langmore, the one that took her out on a stolen boat, and go punch the guy out and ruin her own job interview.

Are the Langmores leaving animal corpses on the Byrde’s property?  Probably.  Wendy returns one, and she sure doesn’t seem to be someone for those idiot men to mess with.

Dude, never mess with a Laura Linney character

But then there’s the lone female member of the family, Ruth.  Ruth, who realizes her idiot male relatives plans to breed bobcats as exotic pets, won’t work when the dummies grab two females.  Ruth, who may have been snookered by Marty into doing an illegal deposit, has a plan that begins with weaseling her way into a job at the Blue Cat.  Her ultimate goal, though, is learn what Marty is doing, kill him, and then take all the money.

Yeah, she might be the one Marty needs to worry about the most.