April 18, 2024

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YouTube Selection: Lessons From The Screenplay Explains Final Battles In Movies…Even Legal Dramas.

Final battles in movies don't need to be literal battles. Lessons from the Screenplay explains.

We’ve all seen a cinematic final battle before, that final showdown between the protagonist and antagonist where the final victory is had for one side or the other.

Did you know they can take place in courtrooms and not involve a single punch thrown?  YouTube channel Lessons from the Screenplay explains.

The idea is that a “final battle” isn’t necessarily an action scene so much as it is a final showdown with clear rules and stakes involved.  To explain how that works, Lessons from the Screenplay takes apart the courtroom scene at the end of A Few Good Men and explains why Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson’s exchanges at the end of the movie also constitute a “final battle”.  See below for details.