April 17, 2024

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Doctor Who “Revenge Of The Cybermen Part 1”

The Fourth Doctor. "Revenge of the Cybermen," Episode One.

OK, if this is how a Time Ring works, methinks the Doctor needs better assurances from his people.

Why?  Well, sure, the Time Ring returns Harry, Sarah Jane, and the Doctor to the Space Ark Nerva, but the TARDIS isn’t there.  The Doctor isn’t worried..  He says the TARDIS is coming back in time to meet them.  So, really, that Time Ring only took them part way and the TARDIS has to make up for the rest of it.  That is not what that Time Lord told the Doctor.

Granted, the Doctor doesn’t mind.  He even tells Harry that Harry can have the Time Ring.  And then the Time Ring promptly vanishes.  The Doctor knew that would happen, so he was just being a bit of a dick.

Of course, with that grin he flashes Harry, I somehow don’t mind.

Anyway, it’s not like the Doctor can go anywhere without trouble.  So, what happens this time?  Simple.  He and his companions open a door and find a dead body.

Yes, it seems that a plague hit the Nerva, and the conscious crew is down to three people and a scientist.  Scientists on this show are either helpful or dicks.  What’s this guy?  He’s definitely a dick.  And that plague seems a bit suspicious because I think I saw a Cybermat slinking around.

I would be right about all this.  I love being right.  It’s awesome.

Here’s what’s going on:  the Nerva is orbiting a seemingly dead asteroid called Voga.  It’s isn’t dead.  There are aliens living there underground.  They have gold, lots of gold.  That’s useful for bribing people on the Nerva.  Their agent is probably Professor Dick.  He is monitoring everyone else.  Plus, the Cybermen seem to have it in for the Vogans.  And while the Doctor is caught after yet another guy gets “sick,” the Doctor realizes the man isn’t sick.  He’s been poisoned!

Yeah, that Cybermat did bite the guy and scurry off.

So, the Doctor suspects the Cybermen, and the Nerva‘s Commander has heard of those guys, so he’s giving the Doctor free reign to investigate.  Apparently, the man believed the Doctor when the time traveler said he and his entourage were emergency medical personnel.

But then when she’s alone, the Cybermat bites Sarah Jane.