Swamp Thing “The Price You Pay”

You know, I get the impression Dan Cassidy doesn’t think things through very well.

See, Dan tried to stop some guys, probably Avery’s goons, from attacking Liz, and got a hit to the head for his efforts.  So, he’s in the hospital when Jason Woodrue puts some stuff in his IV.  It may be the accelerant.  Point is, he wakes up screaming and everyone says he’s burning up.

I don’t mean feverish.  He’s literally smoking.  So, naturally, he goes looking for help…from Jason Woodrue.  Who he knows is responsible.  Because he may not be very bright.

There’s a sense of that in the flashbacks too since they show how he got the way he is.  He was on the sidelines as a stuntman for a movie when a producer he didn’t know offered him a better role.  He just needed to stay in Marais until he was needed.  That sounds promisng, so Dan shakes and the producer disappears.  Dan got to play the Blue Devil, but he likewise got stuck in town.  Madame Xanadu knows a bit more about what that means.  Of course, Jason assumes his drugs made Dan well again.  It couldn’t be the demonic-sounding pact Dan made with…

Wait…that was the Phantom Stranger.

He can do that?


So, OK, I wasn’t expecting that.  Anyone else responsible for something I didn’t see coming?  Well, Avery sent some hunters into the swamp to capture Swamp Thing.  That doesn’t work.  Pumping animal tranquilizers into a plant monster just makes him mad.  Those two were lucky to get away.  Of course, then the sheriff sends her son Matt into the swamp to find the big animal that attacked the hunters.  He finds it too.  Man, Swamp Thing isn’t happy to see anybody.  Fortunately, Abby is nearby to stop Matt from going squish.  Can Matt keep it a secret that Alec Holland ain’t so dead?

He does ask if Holland remembers what happened to him.  Not much from the looks of things.

But then Matt goes back to his mom to confess something.  It seems Matt was the guy who shot Alec Holland.  He did it to protect his mother.  Because Avery.  That guy is bad news.

Well, I didn’t think Matt or the Stranger were doing those sorts of things?  Anything else worth mentioning?

Just one.  Abby and Swamp Thing look through Alec’s lab to find a potential cure, but Alec just grows a flower from his palm, and when the pollen spreads, Abby sees…a very human Alec Holland.

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