February 29, 2024

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Altered Carbon “The Wrong Man”

Season One, Episode Five.

So, here’s a question this show just directly asked:  how do you know a person you are looking at is the person you think it is if people can switch bodies at the drop of a metaphorical hat?

See, Kovacs is using the body of one Elias Riker, Ortega’s old partner and lover.  They lived and worked together, and we get to see some of Riker in flashbacks, and he was a bit on the paranoid side, getting arrested for a murder he probably didn’t do.

Probably.  I don’t count anything as something for certain at this point.

But we have multiple murders that Kovacs is looking into.  Who killed Laurens Bancroft?  Heck, his wife offers to double Kovacs fee if he’ll drop the case.  And it does appear their son Issac had a body of his father he could wear to make some deals of his own.  Laurens is using the fact he has endless clone bodies to do charity work for a highly contagious plague group.  How did Kovacs and Ortega learn about the spare body?  Well, Edgar found another AI, this one for the “Fight Drone” that had some info.  Yeah, Bancroft attacked his son there.  Max Headroom runs the place, too.  I mean, it’s Matt Frewer, but you know his most famous role is going to remind people of the oddball he plays here.

Say, they also have a clone sleeve of Kovacs’ original body…

That Russian gangster who beat up Kovacs in the virtual world…was he after Kovacs or Riker?  It looks like Riker.  What was he looking into?

What about Vernon’s daughter?

And who was the guy who could erase himself from video at the Bancroft party?

That last guy may be important.  He helps the Russian escape by infiltrating the police station and taking an elevator ride with Orgeta and her partner.  The partner gets shot through the stack, so he isn’t coming back, and Ortega gets huge chunks of meat taken out by a really nasty instrument.  The only thing keeping her alive is the gun being out of bullets.  So, if Kovacs, who couldn’t get on the elevator fast enough before the door closes, can get her to medical care, that might make a difference.  Especially since they started sleeping together.

Yeah, that won’t cause problems later.