April 21, 2024

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Titans “Inside Man”

Season Four, Episode Five

Look, I don’t care if the “previously on” segment had a line of dialogue where someone said Superman and John Constantine both failed to get through STAR Labs’s defenses, I still think it’s a dumb place to hide someone overnight from a magical cult.

More importantly, this is the sort of episode that reminds me that Titans probably doesn’t have a particularly high budget.  I mean, I am sure Doom Patrol doesn’t either, but that show makes the cheap look of everything work to its advantage by largely being more of a comedy than anything else.  Titans is trying to play everything fairly straight…I think.  I honestly don’t know what sort of tone this show is going for most of the time.

But then there’s an episode like this where May Bennett wants her baby boy, Creepy Sebastian Sanger, back from there.  She needs to get him out before sunrise, and that would mean getting him out of STAR and past the Titans.  Rachel is watching him personally, and the others are on the lookout for…well, whatever.  And for all that the place could keep out two characters the show probably can’t afford to show–they only got Lex Luthor for one episode–that doesn’t mean the Lab can keep out a snake that Connor already vomited into a toilet.

Oh yeah, the blood snake!  Tim goes after it with his scientist friend to prove himself, and then he bravely ran away!  Connor got possessed and that would be a problem if the Titans were stupider.  Instead, it’s the usual sort of thing where the characters talk, mention cool concepts like “the Red,” and then if it might cost too much, it happens off-screen.

For example, since Rachel let’s it be known Connor relieved her of Sebastian Duty, that sets off Dick’s radar since he didn’t tell Connor to do that.  That means Kori and Rachel need to take Sebastian somewhere, and they go…to the same diner they always go to even though they’re in a different city.  Rachel even points out that it looks the same inside, and Kori just says it’s a chain now.  That’s one way to recycle a set!

As for the others…so, Connor looks pregnant with a blood snake that will kill him if they can’t get it out.  Jinx isn’t a powerful enough sorceress or something to get it out without help, but Gar and the STAR guy have an idea:  have Gar turn into a virus, infect the snake, drive it out of Connor, and then Connor will be OK, the snake can be dealt with, and everyone can have a pizza or something.  That sounds mighty impressive.

So, do we see Gar shrink down or something as he turns into a virus?


Do we see Gar-the-virus battle the snake inside Connor?

Not really.  Dick, Tim, and whoever else is there just watch on a monitor.

After the snake comes out and Tim kills it, do we see Gar change back?

Well…there’s some red misty stuff in a tank that Gar pops out of, so I’m gonna say “no” again.

That might have been cooler to see than a tree covered in bones.

Oh, but Sebastian agrees to go with his mother anyway to save the others.  Because he’s a creepy idiot would be my guess as to why.  The cult has a new name for him anyway:  they call him “Brother Blood”.

That’s probably more threatening than “Creepy Idiot”.