July 13, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “The King Of Nice”

In which Marge becomes a segment producer for Krusty's daytime talk show.

Wait a minute, the show got a cameo from Drew Barrymore in an episode that prominently features Krusty, and she isn’t playing Krusty’s daughter Sophie?  Granted, Sophie doesn’t make many appearances and has been recast, but the point sorta stands.

However, Krusty has a new gig.  He needs money, and those Cameos he does that, among other things, offer lame excuses for absentee fathers at a bar mitzvah seem more humiliating than anything else.  While attending a function at Kelly Clarkson’s house–and she does not appear in this episode–Krusty gets approached by Lindsay Naegle about becoming a daytime talk show host.  If Krusty can get a bunch of nearby suburban moms to dance along with him, he could be making some real money just doing segments that show how nice he is.

Krusty is nice?  Well, it just so happens that this episode makes a few jokes about a toxic work environment on Krusty’s show, and for once, Krusty had nothing to do with it.  Then again, there’s also a moment where Bart questions why any series would keep making new episodes when there could be hundreds of episodes available on a streaming service, and Lisa starts to explain why before she’s cut off.  It’s that sort of episode.

But there has to be a reason for the Simpson family to be involved.  Here it is:  while out with the family shopping for dog food where there are many, many possible selections, Naegle approaches Marge to be in a focus group to find out how to make Krusty’s show better.  Marge decides the family is driving her nuts, so she accepts, leaving Homer to pick out the dog food.  As it is, Marge has a lot of cute ideas that would work well for the show, and Naegle decides to hire her as a segment producer.  The fellow she fires to make way for Marge isn’t even upset.  Quite the opposite.  He’s overjoyed.  Will Marge do it?

She checks her text messages.  Homer doesn’t know what food to buy.  Bart wants to know his bloodtype for some reason.  Lisa is questioning the existence of God.  Maggie just figured out texting.  Of course Marge says “yes”.

Then the outgoing guy warns her that she will be miserable and become a bad person.

And…that guy turns out to be right.  Marge’s ideas only carry her so far before she runs out of them, and she’s more or less on-call 24/7.  Naegle is a taskmaster who regularly berates everybody.  It gets to the point that Homer has Marge come home for an intervention so she can maybe see what a miserable person she’s become.  Why is Moe there?  I don’t know.  Luane VanHouten is there as Marge’s best friend, which is news to Marge.  And then the best joke of the episode happens when Marge just leaves and everyone else sits around and wonders what to do, even asking if someone else present had an addiction they could work on together.

As it is, Marge soon realizes what a monster she’s become, and after the news reports that the show has a toxic work environment and Krusty is giving a meaningless apology for stuff he had nothing to do with, Marge intervenes to say what a horrible system the whole thing is.  Moot point:  Krusty just got a new job as a TV judge.  Even better money there.

So, Marge is content to just be a freelance problem solver for the likes of guest star Drew Barrymore, and Lindsay Naegle is in a mental hospital for her cruel talk show behavior.

That…sure sounds like a very typical Marge episode.