July 13, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: New Year’s Day? Edition

The Geeks made their New Year's Resolutions. I think.

This week on the podcast, the Geeks talked…wait, new year’s stuff?  Really?  Was it at least some other New Year’s Day I was unaware of?  I mean, Chinese New Year was on the 5th, and that was five days ago, so I guess that counts.


Watson’s ideal Groundhog Day sight.  I was gonna stop doing this joke, but Watson keeps doing his stuff about what I write here on the show, so I see no reason to.

Well, let’s look over a few things.  I can start by asking Jenny how she won the Game of Thrones deathpool last year when there were no new episodes last year.

I can also point out that if Watson really wants to watch and review the AFI 100 Greatest Movie list, even if someone else already covered it, that there was a revised list in 2007, and I was going off the 1998 original.  23 movies from the original list were swapped out for 23 new ones, some of which were a lot more recent.  I am sure he could cover 23 movies in any format he so chose if he really wanted to, but this is Watson, he’s got things to do, so he’d probably just do some bulletpoints with a couple sentences for each movie.

And I can also point out that I don’t need to do New Year’s Resolutions because I did that in the last Podcast Reaction.

Still, I did resolve to read some books that were the basis for popular movies and TV shows, and I did finish one recently, even if using “popular” may be pushing it for a lot of folks around here.  Expect something before the week is out.

But really, I don’t like trying to predict the future.  Lots of things can happen, so maybe Jenny wins the GoT deathpool again, but Watson already shot down some of my suggested additions, and I didn’t take that thing all that seriously if I used my last pick to grab Ser Pounce.

I’ll also say I’m glad Watson changed his mind on Dune.  That book bored the hell out of me.  Long stretches where it’s just characters thinking about what other people were thinking while being aware everyone knew they were thinking it, and then in the last 50 pages something happened and a last sentence that infuriated a feminist friend of mine.  Dune is actually on my very short list of “books I really, really wish I hadn’t read”.

In the meantime, let us consider what I learned today.

Nothing, really.  It’s early, and I have stuff to do before I head out to the movies later today.  Maybe I’ll just hype the nascent podcast I am hoping to do this year.