April 24, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: New Years Resolution Edition

The Geeks talk 2018 and their hopes for 2019.

Previously on the podcast:  The Geeks talked and talked, laughed and talked, talked and laughed, and I listened to the whole thing.

So, I do this running gag of “Watson’s ideal…” that comes from doing a Google Image search for “sexy whatever” and I think I may have to retire it now because this was one of the tamer images I found this time around under “sexy new year”.

Now, the Geeks were doing a year-end review and some hopes for the future, as one does when New Years Day rolls around, and I know poor Jimmy and myself don’t get to play those games unless we type something like this up.  I mean, I could say what I thought of my own year-end review, but I did part of that already for the 2018 Revisited post where I weighed in briefly on a lot of things, and I also did my Best and Worst Movies of 2018 post for those interested in that as well.  Quite frankly, I found it ironic that Watson saw the most movies he’s ever seen, and unlike some people, I will offer him kudos for writing up all those reviews, but he also said what a terrible year it was for movies.  So he saw more, but more of them sucked.  I also think it’s rather quaint if Red Sparrow was the worst movie you saw.  I apparently liked it when I looked up my review, but that may be one of those movies I re-evaluate later and would give a lower score.  Much like I think I was too harsh on Venom, I think I might have been too easy on Red Sparrow.  But if that’s your worst, man, have I got some recommendations for you…

But let me see what I can say for myself in the various categories the Geeks brought up.

Break out Geek of 2018:  You know, I’m gonna go with Tom King.  Best Batman writer in ages.  He made Elmer Fudd a credible Batman opponent.  He got a lot of kudos for his Mister Miracle that I really need to read, and he got DC’s big crossover story Heroes in Crisis, both of which I will look into when they come out in trade form.  Plus, Bruce Wayne almost got married, and that was only King’s halfway point in his Batman epic.

Geek Performance of the Year:  Well, I think there are a lot of good choices, but let’s say Nicholas Cage.  Maybe I didn’t see the controversial Mandy, but he did provide his voice to two different superhero universes and two very different superheroes, so I’ll go along with that.

Biggest Disappointment:  I’m going with Ryan and Watson for continuing that “nobody posts anything to the site” joke.  Not because I’m insulted.  It’s because it’s not even a good joke.

Biggest Geek Accomplishment:  Oh, that’s an easy call:  The AFI Challenge.  I will almost certainly cover the changes from the revived list at some point, but this was an easy call.  I’m proud of my work there.

And for 2019, my Geek Resolutions:  I have two.  First, I’m going to try reading a few books based on popular movies that I’ve never covered before, and maybe reread one of those Stephen King books I read years ago and see how they hold up.  I know for certain I want to hit The Godfather, and I’ve heard how weird and crazy that thing is.

And my other?  Well, I want to start my own podcast.  I have some equipment and a “how to” book, but I also need to get my desktop computer fixed, and due to personal expenses of the past year, I need to wait for tax refund to do it, assuming it’s as big as my accountant told me it would be, that should take care of a few of my current needs.  I have a format idea, and it won’t be simply Gabbing Geek East Coast edition, but I do have a few things I want to do with some familiar voices from around here, and hopefully some newcomers.

Anyway, Happy New Year everybody.