April 18, 2024

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Comic Review: W.M.D. Weapons Of Mutant Destruction

Amadeus Cho's Hulk and some mutants from the Weapon X program team up to find out what that organization is up to now.

Finishing off X-Men Week, we have a crossover from writer Greg Pak that covered two series he was working on at the time this came out.

Yeah, it’s W.M.D. Weapons of Mutant Destruction where the Totally Awesome Hulk, Amadeus Cho, teams up with the mutants of Weapon X.

By way of backstory, a previous book I have not read apparently had the heroes of this book separately attacked by cyborgs.  Everyone survived, but the cyborgs collected some DNA samples from everybody and may be using them to make new killers.  Who are these people?  Besides Cho, there’s Old Man Logan (him again this week?), reformed villain Sabertooth, unreformed villain Lady Deathstrike, and X-Force founders Warpath and Domino.  It seems the Weapon X program, now under Rev. William Stryker, is making mindless monsters for the sole purpose of killing mutants worldwide.  And what sorts of monsters are they?  Beings who are part Hulk, part Wolverine, and perpetually angry.

Pak does OK here, but nothing to really get too excited about.  The biggest conflict is actually between Cho and the mutants, and Cho wants to save lives and the others are varying degrees more lethal than he is.  Even though working together against a common foe would be a good idea, the Hulk can’t stop insisting on saving the life of one person (an anti-mutant racist that Amadeus feels doesn’t deserve what will happen to him if they can’t get to him in time) and the ones with claws looking to gut the guys who did it to them (Warpath and Domino don’t seem to come down too much on either side truth be told).  The story probably would have worked better without the Hulk, who mostly seems naive compared to the others.  7 out of 10 briefly promising mutants in fictional countries.

Oh, by the by, this one might be a bit rough for cat lovers.