August 16, 2022

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Over The Garden Wall “Schooltown Follies”

Episode Three.

OK, so, with an episode titled “Schooltown Follies,” someone must learn something, right?


Let’s look over the scenario.  The boys and Beatrice arrive at a schoolhouse where one Miss Langtree is teaching animals in clothes about letters and numbers.  Is it working?  Well, these animals don’t talk, Miss Langtree is heartbroken because her boyfriend Jimmy Brown ran off and disappeared, there’s a giant gorilla lurking in the area, and her father who funds the school says he’s going to close the place down because he’s losing money over it.

So, who learns a lesson?


Well, Beatrice says he does exactly as he’s told, as proven by the fact she keeps telling him to keep up when he stops to tie a loose shoelace.  Feeling miffed, he opts to do what everyone tells him, starting with Miss Langtree and even going on to Gregory.  Then he ends up tripping over his laces and knocking out the gorilla at the end of the episode.

So, he doesn’t learn to assert himself.


Nah, he hates school and doesn’t go in, but he will for lunch which turns out to be bland mashed potatoes.  But Greg knows a thing or two about fun and sings a song about potatoes and molasses which the animals can play along for.  When Old Man Langtree confiscates the instruments, Greg skips out and takes Beatrice and Wirt with him.  Then he overhears that Old Man Langtree lost all his money with the school and needs to sell the instruments for cash. He’s not mean.  He’s broke.  Greg says he can save the day, but when asked what his plan is, he doesn’t seem to have one.

But then he steals the instruments back and the animals play a benefit concert which gives the Langtrees the money they need.  Oh, and Wirt revealed the gorilla was really Jimmy Brown stuck in a costume.  By knocking him over, he finally got the mask off and revealed Jimmy Brown was really looking to earn an engagement ring at the circus when he got stuck in there.  Happy endings for all.

So, who learned anything if the boys leaned nothing?  Beatrice.  She learned to let Greg have some fun once in a while.

That’s…nice?  Isn’t it?

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