July 13, 2024

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Another Westeros Watch Hiatus And A Dilemna

Season seven of the Game of Thrones rewatch discussion will have to wait.

After a strong start, the Westeros Watch, where Jimmy watched Game of Thrones for the first time and I chatted about the different episodes with him, has hit a few snags.  A couple came from Jimmy actually having a life away from this site.  That’s not why we’re skipping this week, though between seasons isn’t bad.

No, this time it’s my fault.  Much of my posting comes down to my personal schedule, and my weekends (when I do most of my posting for the week aside from the TV posts I write as far in advance as I can) are a bit more free.  That actually is how the AFI Countdown works.  If I have Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night free, I can get three movies up.  If there’s something going on for one of those nights (like the recent MCU Rewatch), then I may only get to two.  As it is, this past Saturday was my school’s annual graduation ceremony, and that threw my whole schedule off.  As such, we took the week off for the Westeros Watch.

But I have a different problem right now.

I am almost out of Simpsons episodes.

If only everyone had those sorts of problems.

As I type this, I have one last episode from season twenty-eight, and then all of season twenty-nine.  That should get me set up for noontime Gabbing Geek posts until maybe the end of June.  I like to see to it the site gets at least three to four new articles every weekday, and my regular TV posts combined with my comic book reviews more or less fit that bill.  Sure, it would be nice if the other Geeks could contribute more.  Watson has been putting out some good movie reviews, but Ryan just asks if various Magical MacGuffins are (to be it kindly) jerks, and Jenny, well, Jenny doesn’t really post anymore.

But Jimmy?  Jimmy’s awesome.

Point is, I am trying to decide what to replace The Simpsons with.  I have a few candidates:

  • Seinfeld, and that can work its way into Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Star Trek, like, all of it.  Except Discovery.  I am not paying extra for CBS.  Then again, I may have a plan for Star Trek in the future.
  • Doctor Who.  I found a streaming service that offers the original series with the first seven or so Doctors.  I’m currently leaning this way.
  • Something else?  Did I need to put that in italics?

Now, there are other shows I wouldn’t mind revisiting, like Farscape or Babylon 5.  Watson said in the past I write about TV shows from the 90s, and that actually wasn’t all that true aside from, well, The Simpsons, but I could always make exceptions, and maybe Jimmy would be up for one of those once we finish Game of Thrones.  We only have about four more posts to do on that one.

Or maybe Jenny will come back to do cosplay stuff.

Jenny used to post these all the time.

Of course, The Simpsons will be back for more episodes in the fall for season thirty.  Hey, Fox really wants to kick that dead horse.  I’m sure I’ll think of something, but in the meantime, I suppose any and all feedback would be appreciated.