January 19, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Nightmare After Krustmas”

In which Krusty will do anything to bond with his daughter, including change religions.

Ok, I know continuity isn’t really a thing on The Simpsons, but this time it seemed like no one remembered anything.

Look, it’s a Christmas episode, and normally I might dive into plots and such, but this time I got distracted because Krusty was the main character and it dealt with his relationship with his daughter Sophie, here recast in the form of different guest star Natasha Lyonne.  Where was Drew Barrymore?  I don’t know.  Don’t ask me.  Ask her.

So, it’s cool that the show remembers Krusty’s daughter, right?  Sure.  So, for this episode, we see he has custody of the kid for one week out of the year, and she wants to spend time with him, but they have nothing in common.  He loves performing and being the center of attention.  She doesn’t want to go into show biz.  In fact, she’s being raised as a Christian which prompts Krusty to almost change religions, something Reverend Lovejoy needs to revitalize his flock…or something.  That doesn’t make any sense.  It probably made more sense when I watched it.  Point is, Krusty almost converts until a near-death experience trying to get himself baptized in a frozen river causes him to hallucinate his dead father Rabbi Krustofski (returning guest star Jackie Mason).  There’s some stuff in there about the Christian and Jewish God arguing with each other, and Milhouse really loves Zoroastrianism.

But hold on…

Sophie here is playing the French horn.  OK, no problems there…but her whole thing in her only previous appearance, such that Krusty and Homer had to risk their lives sneaking into Fat Tony’s house to retrieve the instrument in question, was Sophie played the violin.  Changing a minor detail isn’t such a bad thing if that minor detail wasn’t central to the character’s only other appearance to date.

And Krusty’s father’s message was it doesn’t matter what religion you are if you love and support your child.  That’s a nice message.  It’s just odd coming from a man who disowned his own son when it was discovered Krusty wanted to be a clown.  Then again, this one was a hallucination, so maybe it doesn’t matter so much.  It’s not like Jackie Mason won an Emmy for that epi…oh wait.

So, beyond that, was there anything?  Well, besides the fact I may want to go to that Pagan Festival?

Sure, Maggie had the B-plot as she was freaking out over an Elf on the…wait, a Gnome in the Home.  It even followed her into her dreams, where her dream team of Santa, Jack Frost, the Abominable Snowman, and guest star Wayne Gretzky, but then she takes out a whole lotta gnomes.  Also, an artist named Theo Jansen played, I guess, himself.  I don’t know that they addressed him by name.

Wow, this was haphazard and sloppy.  Just like season twenty-eight of The Simpsons.


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