January 21, 2022

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X-Files: Well, It Went Better This Time

The X-Files may be finished for good this time.

There’s a good chance the last ever new episode of The X-Files aired last night.  How so?  Well, star Gillian Anderson said she is done playing Dana Scully, and creator Chris Carter said he wouldn’t make more episodes without her.

So, how did they end the thing?  SPOILERS below.

Considering how infuriating I found the last season finale, I am relatively fine with this one.  Last time, the season ended with a story of a scope that was clearly beyond the show’s budget to handle.  This time, well, it may not have been intended as a final episode, but it did feel like it could work that way.  Multiple minor characters were killed off, including the Smoking Man and possibly Skinner.  But the scale was kept lower.  No worldwide plague somehow wiping out scores and scores of people off-screen, no jumping around, just a straight tale of Mulder and Scully looking for their son and maybe finding him only to maybe lose him again.  The pair may no longer work for the Bureau, and Scully is pregnant again, this time for sure with Mulder’s child.  And…that’s basically the end.  Plague averted, I think.  Bad guys dead, I think (if they do make more, the Smoking Man can almost assuredly come back from what happened to him since he’s survived worse).

But how was this perhaps final season?  All things being equal, it was fine.  I don’t know that it is on par with the original series, but even the show itself did an episode giving a wink and a nod to how the leads are getting older.  Less talk of William Scully helped.  Season ten had a lot of talk about a character who never appeared onscreen, and that made it pretty much impossible to care about him.  Here he did appear for two episodes, and he showed off some weird psychic powers in the process.  He may not have been the most sympathetic character, but at least he existed and we got a chance to get to know the guy.

But the episodes this time around were a bit more fun.  There was a Skinner episode, showing his time in Vietnam with Haley Joel Osment.  Darin Morgan came back for a fun episode about the Mandela Effect, suggesting there was a third member of the team whose identity was being erased.  Who was doing it?  They were doing it.  Dr. They.  Nefarious bugger.  It was good and funny, and Skinner had a line that sold the whole thing.  Heck, that one could have worked as a series finale.  There was an experimental episode where it was mostly Mulder and Scully dealing with automated machines following them around until Mulder reversed an asshole thing he did earlier…well, maybe not an asshole thing.  Depends on what you thought of what he did and why.  There were familiars killing children like a certain dancing clown, a virtual afterlife for one of the Lone Gunmen he just wanted to get out of, and some rather well-built X-Files episodes.  It maybe wasn’t the best season, but it was fine.  I am fine with fine, and if this is the end, it’s good enough.

Then again, it has been ages since I watched the older episodes.  I may have to do a rewatch in the future.

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