February 26, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #164: Sersi

A longtime member of the 90s era Avengers hasn't been seen in a while.

Sure, readers, you could look at the title and think I was doing some sort of Game of Thrones-related thing, but no.  No, I am not.  The names of this week’s Misplaced Hero, Sersi, is only the same phonetically as Game of Thrones‘ resident ice queen Cersei Lannister.

So, who the heck is Sersi?  Does she have a last name?

OK, no, she does not have a last name.

Sersi was a creation of Jack Kirby when he returned to Marvel Comics after a brief foray at DC creating the New Gods.  He apparently had something similar still in mind because his work at Marvel this time produced the Eternals, an immortal race of god-like beings who were living hidden on Earth the entire time.  Sersi was one of them.  All Eternals had some standard powers of flight, strength, mental abilities, and immortality.  On top of those abilities, Sersi is also an accomplished sorceress and able to manipulate matter at the molecular level.

Even Kirby knew she’d be hot.

Now, the Eternals deal was this:  at the dawn of humanity, the giant space gods the Celestials came down and performed experiments on the human race.  For most, they would be set aside and grow up to become normal humans with the potential for superpowers in a few million years or so.  For another group, the Deviants, they would have weak genetic structures prone to sudden mutation.  And for the last group, there were the Eternals, granted with powers to protect the nascent human race from all comers while being essentially unkillable.  The only way to really take down an Eternal is to destroy them on a molecular level.  And they can do something called the Uni-Mind where three or more join into a giant, disembodied brain.

If this sounds a lot like the New Gods and the Inhumans, well…

Why single Sersi out?  Simple…she joined the Avengers!  She wasn’t really the first Eternal, nor would she be the last, but she was there, dammit!

What happened there was Sersi made a name for herself by going crazy, and the murderous kind of crazy.  After joining in a Uni-Mind with a group of alien bacteria-beings called the Brethern, Sersi found herself slipping.

Outfits like this suggest she might have been slipping in many different ways.

Also, a man named Proctor from an alternate reality where that Sersi spurned him might have made her worse.

But the Eternals always knew what to do in those situations, and that meant first doing a permanent mind meld with her at-the-time love interest the Black Knight and then later teleporting her (and the Knight) to another reality that may or may not have been the Ultraverse.  That had other problems because the Black Knight actually had stronger feelings for his “girl next door” Inhuman teammate Crystal over his often flirty hedonist Eternal girlfriend Sersi.

Um, cat fight?

But then she got better.  Since then, the Eternals turned up in a mini-series written by Neil Gaiman, and there it turned out Sersi was indirectly responsible for what happened.  Set about the time of the original Civil War, the series featured the Eternals as….regular people who’d forgotten they were immortal demigods.  Why was that?  Well, the youngest (in appearance only) Eternal was a kid named Sprite.  Sprite was stuck as a small child and was rather sick of it.  He couldn’t even get a date with Sersi like, apparently, every other male Eternal.  So, he made the Eternals forget who they were and woke up the Sleeping Eternal and…well, that has less to do with Sersi specifically and more to do with the Eternals collectively.

As such, well, maybe individual Eternals just slip away.

By the by, Gaiman had the best response to Civil War in that mini-series.  As the Eternals are dealing with the Sleeping Celestial waking up and maybe doing something to wipe out the Earth, Iron Man shows up and demands the Eternals register.  That was the end of the penultimate issue.  The following issue had one of the Eternals point out that Iron Man was making this demand at the stupidest time possible.  And…Iron Man actually agreed with that and worked to help the Eternals.

See, that’s how things should work.

Without weird mindmelds with guys who just aren’t that into you, you know?