ICYMI: MCU Rewatch Issue #17: Thor: Ragnarok

Definitely better than Jumanji.

MCU Rewatch Issue #17: Thor: Ragnarok

Someone at Marvel finally realized Chris Hemsworth can be hilarious.

2017: The Revisiting

We here had some thoughts back at the tail end of 2016 for all the stuff coming in 2017. How did those things turn out?

Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Hero Case Files #103: Skaar, Son Of Hulk

Crossing the Hulk with Conan the Barbarian…

2017: Year Of Anticipation

What’s coming out this year that might be worth our time?

The Secret Wars Power Rankings – Final Standings

Well, it is finally over!  Ok, it was finally over back in the beginning of January, but I’ve finally finished my write ups.  With that done, after the break check … Read More

The Secret Wars Power Rankings – November 12, 2015

  It was a big week for Secret Wars.  Probably the last one, with the release of Secret Wars #7 and the conclusions of Thors, Squadron Sinister and Infinity Gauntlet.  The only books … Read More