Going Through The DCAU Part Forty-Six

How do these guys find the time? Tom and Jimmy are talking all kinds of stuff lately, but for now, it’s the New Batman Adventures episodes “Animal Act,” “Old Wounds,” and “The Demon Within”.

Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Hero Case Files #101: Detective Chimp

A chimp in a deerstalker cap who happens to be a brilliant detective. What can go wrong?

Going Through The DCAU Part Fifteen

Yup, time for more cartoon talk with Jimmy and Tom. This time, we’re covering the┬áBatman The Animated Series episodes “What Is Reality?” “I Am The Night,” and “Off Balance”.

Going Through The DCAU Part Twelve

Once more, Jimmy and Tom return to work their way through the DCAU. This week, we’re covering the┬áBatman the Animated Series episodes “Heart of Steel Parts 1 and 2,” “If … Read More