2018: The Revisiting

The Geeks look back at their predictions and see what pleased them and what did not.

2018: Year Of Anticipation

What are the Geeks looking forward to this coming year and what are they “meh” about? Take a look and see!

2017: The Revisiting

We here had some thoughts back at the tail end of 2016 for all the stuff coming in 2017. How did those things turn out?

On The Treatment Of Others (Especially Women)

I feel the need to ramble a bit.

Bento Review: LA Banks’ Vampire Huntress

Comic Bento finishes out its five book box with L.A. Banks’ Vampire Huntress.  Now, apparently, Banks has written a series of novels set in this universe, and since Dynamite is all … Read More

2017: Year Of Anticipation

What’s coming out this year that might be worth our time?

Going Through The DCAU Part Twenty-Three

Jimmy and Tom cover “Catwalk,” “Bane,” and “Baby-Doll”.