The Westeros Watch Part Twenty-Six

Jimmy and Tom are back from a week off to start season six with a discussion of the episodes “The Red Woman” and “Home”.

The Westeros Watch Part Twenty-Five

Jimmy and Tom close out season five with the episodes “The Dance of Dragons” and “Mother’s Mercy”

On Star Wars, Sentience, And Slavery

I rewatched Star Wars:  The Force Awakens over the weekend, and as these things tend to do with me, I had some thoughts. I was watching as Rey saved BB-8 from … Read More

Box Office Report: Go On. Guess What Was #1 Again. I’ll Still Be Here.

It’s that time again. When Gabbing Geek gives you the Box Office Report, like you care.  Actually, if you’ve read anything after the cuts here, you probably do, but there … Read More

Star Wars Rewatch: Star Wars (A New Hope)

And now we get to the original Star Wars. It’s about damn time.

Star Wars Rewatch: Revenge Of The Sith

The consensus seems to be that Revenge of the Sith is, in fact, the best of the prequels.  True, that can be damning with faint praise, but…well, let’s see what the … Read More

In Honor Of Our Rewatch, An Honest Trailer For Attack Of The Clones

I haven’t re-watched Attack of the Clones yet, so…there’s no comments from me in the post that precedes this one.  But to at least contribute today I searched out this Honest … Read More

Star Wars Rewatch: Attack Of The Clones

OK, Star Wars fans. quick question:  which movie was worse, Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones? See, Menace has the comedic stylings of Jar Jar Binks and obnoxious pre-teen Anakin Skywalker.  Attack has … Read More