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keychron k6 reddit

Also, the switches felt too light for me, as I’m now used to 67g springs for my switches. Read this if you have any issues with Bluetooth and/or disconnecting on your Keychron So for weeks I've had issues with my bluetooth connection randomly disconnecting on my Keychron K6 (hot swap). I also grabbed a Kemove shadow and wanted to upgrade the stabs there. For other features, the K6 also has different modes for Windows/Android and Mac/iOS, increasing the compatibility with the amount of devices you can use this with. But in pure typing experience wise, I wouldn't know. Finally, there was the one thing I was worried about, it being the typing experience. I love it, I'm determined to buy it but I use a keyboard with the Spanish layout, could I modify what each key does to adapt it to my language? Before I talk about the keyboard, I want to talk briefly about the switches that came with the board. Overall best suited as a first 65% mech keyboard, secondary mobile keyboard, or a keyboard if you have a good keycap set to use. Keyboards in this category include Keychron K2, K4, and K6. Personally, I think they sound good enough, or as good as it gets for this board at least. The overall design is very similar to the Keychron K2, but instead of being a 75% layout (meaning no number pad), the K6 it is scaled down to smaller, more bite-sized 65% layout. Chen Yang . At this point I am just using a beefier PBT (but XDA profile) keycap set with some dampening rings. Overall, not that great of an experience, but I was going to swap them out anyways, so I had no issue. Any thoughts on what key caps would look good on this board? Looking to use on my pc and my mac book pro. The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content. It's a weird choice that I needed to fix with foam to improve acoustics. Sorry, never used the Anne Pro 2. and users can hot swap every switch in seconds with the hot-swappable version. Finally, there're some more questionable design choices that personally are little naggling issues that aren't too problematic, but worth mentioning. There has been a height decrease on the K6, albeit not a very significant one. Some software promised in future, but unknown for now. Instead of waiting another week or two for stabilizer delivery, I just removed the wire and the insert parts of the genuine stabilizers, and just used the stock included mounting parts for a makeshift pseudo-genuine stabilizer. Tenkeyless Layout. But they didn’t sound as good as I wanted, so I got to work. I also believe there's a way to hard reset it, id recommend looking into that. For that, I found that Bluetooth is actually a killer feature, as going wireless on the go makes great sense, and allows me to use the keyboard with an iPad as well. thanks, i just ordered my k6 2 days ago. And it's no QMK, definitely. Users can hot swap every switch in seconds with the hot-swappable version. 65% Layout. Not that I'm familiar with how that works. K6 Quick Start Guide K6 Keyboard User Manual Learn how to install a switch on hot-swappable board here K6-plate-screw-position. Also K2 has crazy strong backlight. (12 Days) (Canada) It was stuck at order placed for 5 days, and I messaged the support due to them promising 3 it would be shipped out in 3 working days, I was happily surprised to see an almost instant reply that they were sorry for the inconvenience and would be shipping the next day, and they did. As for acoustics, it was surprisingly decent. The interesting product that I’m going to review today is the K2 wireless keyboard from Keychron. Hmm, not sure, as I don't really look at buying keycap sets too much. I love the software and all the functionality of the keyboard but the switches and caps are way too cheap for me. However, I don't see that necessarily as a bad thing, and I see where the rest of the budget went into: hotswap and Bluetooth support, as well as wide device compatibility. I'd also recommend this board if you're someone like me and looking for a secondary that you want as a portable keyboard to use for your laptop or iPad when you're out. Lots of empty space in chassis, get your sound dampening foam ready. It also includes mechanical keyboards such as the Drop ALT, Akko 3068, Magicforce 82, Vortexgear Race 3, Drevo Excalibur, iQuinix F96, Leopold FC660M, Leopold FC980M, and more. Keychron K6 (Red switches / RGB lighting) Ordered July 31st and just received it yesterday! You can alter every switch in 5 seconds without any soldering knowledge and it’s compatible with almost all the MX style mechanical switches on the market (including Gateron, Cherry, Kailh, etc. Keychron Optical or Gateron Switches. The lighting is also good enough for normal backlight use. The case was filled with a ton of empty space, so I got to work with the sound dampening foam I had on hand. For other couriers, I'd expect a bit longer. This took a lot less time than the Drop ALT, where I literally cut a single large piece of foam with holes for each key and put that on. Wireless or Wired. The poor keycap quality, lack of customization or QMK, empty casing, and questionable aluminum version all seem to directly stem from price cuts. On photo K6 is on max and K2 on min. The Anne Pro 2 is a 60% keyboard, aka no arrow keys, so if you like dedicated arrow keys, I'd advise against it. The K2 wireless is their most successfully funded keyboard on Kickstarter and there’s a … Optical or Gateron Switches. I'd say if you're looking for a 65% mechanical keyboard with a ton of core features for the cheap, the K6 is a pretty decent choice, especially if you already have a keycap set to use and don't care too much about customization. The hard reset has you hold down three keys at once but I imagine if the keyboard isn’t turning on like in my case, then pressing keys won’t do anything. Mini Keychron K6 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Aluminium Mac 65% Keyboards. 2. 5 months ago. Keychron design and produces unique wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android. K3 pre-orders will be shipped out in early January. I am assuming you can't use screw in stabs. Keychron K6: Best Wireless Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard. Users can hot swap every switch in seconds with the hot-swappable version. These are extremely thin ABS keycaps however, that do feel somewhat cheap to type on. The good news is that Keychron has promised customization software within the year for the K6, but that's not a guarantee that I would bet on when making the purchase decision. All I needed to do was unscrew the 6 screws on top of the plate, and I was able to easily remove the PCB/plate. I personally like the gray/black/orange color scheme that this board went for, and I would search for something along those lines. Pretty mediocre, to even bad overall. Nonstandard layout is a smaller nitpick for me, but may not be for others, especially due to the quality of the keycaps. This was relatively simple, as all I needed to do was cut the foam into smaller sizes to fit the little sections that the bottom was divided in. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. The amount of keys is perfect compromise between size and function. The keyboard comes with RGB, aluminum bezel, wireless connectivity, and … Just got the Keychron K6 keyboard and I can’t wait to swap in some Kailh Box Navys. u/HorseyMask have you used the anne pro 2? Thank you for the review ! The Keychron K6 is a slightly better keyboard than the Keychron K1. Please enjoy. USA Keychron K6 Bluetooth White Backlit Mac 65% Keyboards. If so, how would you compare the two and which would you recommend? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Keychron K1 Firmware Keychron K2 Firmware Keychron K4 Firmware Keychron K6 Firmware Keychron K8 Firmware Special Instruction for Firmware Update (K2 and K4) Our core team members, Will Ye has 9 years of experience in keyboard production and related businesses and Sven Zhu has 10 years of ex The biggest focus that I had when buying this specific board was the combination of two features that I just couldn't find anywhere else: hotswappability and Bluetooth. In any case, I tried it and still nothing. Keychron Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboards, Now in India. I bought PCB snap in stabilizers, and I realized I made a huge mistake. I wouldn't really recommend just using this as a wireless gaming keyboard though. From £64.00 (£53.33 ex VAT) Details. LED indicator is green meaning it’s fully charged but it just doesn’t work. Wireless or Wired. Back to the elephant of the room that is the board itself, I feel like overall, the Keychron K6 is an excellent keyboard for the price (especially at the Kickstarter price) with a combination of features that aren't seen a lot in other boards. I also needed to cut holes for some of the foam, due to the screw holes for the keyboard. Wireless or Wired. But there are a few glaring issues that sadly do bring it down a bit that I'll get to in a bit. ). This board was relatively a breeze to work on, as there were very little fiddely parts to work with with disassembly. With Bluetooth 3.0, Keychron claims that you can connect up to three devices with up to 72 hours for the RGB version, and 68 for the white backlight version. It's not big enough to comfortably remove the switches at all. Honestly, the design is fine, with the subdued black keycaps with colored legends for the function keys and the orange highlight key for the lighting. Through the sound dampening foam additions, as well as lubed stabilizers, I'm getting very little ping on the board. r/Keychron: ----- Official ... keychron k6 update. Connect up to 3 devices. This is a smaller version of the Keychron K4 but with full RGB backlighting, while the K4 only has a white backlight. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. Love this keyboard. TL:DR: Used 67g Zilent v2 switches. ❌No easy customization or QMK. Finally, I inserted the switches of my choice. The K6 features two separate Function keys, which kind of makes finding a keycap set harder. Though, I would like to add that these Zilent switches do not seem to be optimal for hotswap boards, as they do not securely hold on into the hotswap sockets. Just my take though. The large amount of empty space in the chassis is also a pointer of an odd design choice. The K6 comes with all iconic Keychron features. The hot-swappable Keychron K6 has just arrived and I'm swapping the stock Gateron Brown to lubed NovelKey Cream. I purchased the white lighting, non-RGB version of the K6, and I'm finding the backlight adequate enough. The Keychron palm rest are crafted of streamlined solid wood providing excellent wrist support when you’re using your keyboard. People often say that the Keychron stock ABS keycaps feels thin, its the same with their Retro set. This is just to reduce potential ping and hollow typing sounds due to the emptiness of the case. As of now, the K6 has no way first party way of customizing what your keyboard can do. Have a separate switch remover in handy. Tho I don't see why you can't just use Windows to set your language to Spanish and use it that way. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Please enjoy. 15+ RGB Backlight But if you are shopping for a replacement keycap set for this board, it's worth noting. No macros, switching key layouts, RGB/lighting customization features, nothing. Is it possible put it into a different case such as the tofu 65 acrylic? Keychron K6. Close menu. On Keychron's website, it's currently $74 for a hotswap, white backlight version of the K6 (the one I got), excluding shipping, with the Kickstarter price trailing slightly behind at $69. Unofficial support & discussion about Keychron mechanical keyboards and products, Press J to jump to the feed. Connect up to 3 devices. Might just be my board. But I also wanted to use the Zilents to get a tactile experience but silent enough to use in a public space. 15+ RGB Backlight Command doesn’t work when in cable or bluetooth mode. Mini Keychron K6 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Mac 65% Keyboards. I can type on it or really on it for that case. But the worst part about them, in my opinion, is the glossy and somewhat "sticky' texture that they have. Personally I don't have much issue with the height, though that's just my personal opinion. The group consists of designers, marketers, and production experts. This revealed the battery for the keyboard at the bottom, along with the bottom of the case. Do you have a bit better image of the chips around the space bar socket? Maybe it was for the battery, but that also doesn't take too much space at all. I'll put the review in a separate comment due to length limit. I found the switches on this board to be much easier to remove with a switch remover than my other hotswap board, the Drop ALT keyboard. Multi-device pairing also worked great, with the keyboard switching between my iPad and my Galaxy S9 via keyboard shortcuts seamlessly after the initial Bluetooth sync process. Skip to content. Keychron as a company is only a few years old, and it was formed by a group of keyboard enthusiasts. Hey, I was on the keychron website and saw that there was a software update. Anyways, starting with the Mod long. Just gotta memorize them before getting a new set I guess. I reinstalled the firmware, bluetooth drivers and set usb selective suspend to off in device management... and nothing worked... until I set "USB selective suspend setting" to OFF in power options. While they are firm enough for daily use, when you try to remove the keycap, the switch often pops right off of the socket along with the keycap. I tried using it for one switch, and immediately switched to the one that came with the ALT to remove the switches here. Optical or Gateron Switches. ✔️65% Hotswap + Bluetooth killer combo, if you're lazy and want a BT mech keeb with custom switches without soldering. (Thankfully.) Keychron K6 Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. However, the K6 is also available with optical switches, so you have more options to choose from. Please don’t update the firmware. ___________________________________________ Maybe a bit more tactile than Cherry Browns, but still not that great. ----- Official Keychron subreddit ----- Keychron is represented by CheswickFS IMAGE ALBUM, look at it while following mod log. This is a smaller version of the Keychron K4 but with full RGB backlighting, while the K4 only has a white backlight. Optical or Gateron Switches. Every other board out their has either hotswap sockets or Bluetooth. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Keychron K6 (Bobas 68g), HHKB style 60% (Tangerines). If you are pursuing perfection and want to customize every key switch, the Keychron K6 65% wireless mechanical keyboard Hot-swappable version is the answer to your prayers. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. However, there is another aspect of the typing experience that I wasn't so happy about... Getting straight back to the typing experience, the included keycaps are pretty meh to bad. Wireless or Wired. Users can hot swap every switch in seconds with the hot-swappable version. Another issue is the lack of customizability and the nonstandard key layout. It's also similar to the compact 96% Keychron K6, except that one has a full Numpad. Right now, though, I need better keycaps. 15+ RGB Backlight After that, I screwed the PCB and the plate back on, and worked on the stabilizers next. I'm just happy I got a Bluetooth 65% board for my Zilents. How much of a difference did the foam provide in eliminating ping? With the combination of the Zilent v2 switches, I think this keyboard would be a great silent but tactile keyboard to use in public. With that, and putting back the keycaps on the keyboard, I finished up the modding process for this board. A lot of ping as a result. Just remember to purchase the right stabilizers to avoid the issue I had in this mod log. Get plate mount stabilizers if you are looking to buy this board and replace stabilizers. I had no issues typing everything up, and didn't have much issues with latency as well. ✔️Good compatibility with wide variety of systems. The keys were lubed well and give a … While I haven't used the K6 enough to benchmark those battery claims, the claimed 4000mAH battery seems pretty large enough to step up to that task. Keychron wireless mechanical keyboard buyer's showcase, including MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, and Ultralinx etc. Skip to content. After the initial unboxing and being done with checking out the keyboard, I got to work first by removing the switches that were installed by default. These popped in the hotswap sockets easily, making this part pretty easy. Do you remember roughly how big is the gap between the pcb and the plate? I thought that the battery in the base might be a pain to work around, but as long I was careful with the cable attaching the battery to the PCB, it was fine. K3 pre-orders will be shipped out in early January. Retro set feels (subjectively) worse in comparison to KBD set. The Keychron K6 is a 65% sized keyboard (Amazon), which means it does not come with a numberpad or the very top row that comes on standard keyboards. Yep, this always happens when it dies. No other board in the 65% range that I could find had both of these features. I know you would probably have to drill the sides to access the switches and usb. Bought my K6 this summer and have loved it. At least they include a braided, L-style USB-C cable that works better for this configuration. Is the height on this significantly shorter than the k2? Thanks for the writeup! You can use other software like Sharpkeys, as stated by Keychron, to remap some buttons, but that's a pretty curveball way to solve the problem. But would any of the screws on the pcb line up and would there be space for the battery? Keychron K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard . I am guessing that it’s due to either different hotswap sockets, or the switch on the Drop ALT board (Halo Clears for me) just being harder to remove. Well, I typed the entirety of the mod long part on my iPad with the Bluetooth feature on, and I'm happy to say it was a pretty decent experience. This guy works great out of the box. I hope I’m wrong but my K6 seems to not be turning on anymore. From £84.00 (£70.00 ex VAT) Be the first to review “K6 Walnut Wood Palm Rest” Cancel reply. The hot-swappable Keychron K6 has just arrived and I'm swapping the stock Gateron Brown to lubed NovelKey Cream. There is a chance it can damage your keyboard. First of all, sorry for the awful photos. try the command for a factory reset, is it working via cable or bluetooth mode (atleast one of them). The ones that came with the board were acceptable, with space bar stabilizer was factory lubed as well. I actually bought some genuine GMK stabilizers in preparation for this project, but I realized I got the wrong stabilizers. Also, a notice that the included switch remover, in my experience, is garbage. Not bad for a cheaper casing. It can be used wired or wirelessly over Bluetooth and can be paired with up to three different devices. Dimension: 12.48 x 3.15 x 0.59” (317 x 80 x 15mm) Weight: 0.55 lb (250g) Reviews There are no reviews yet. Keychron K6 Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. Keychron K6 Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (UK ISO layout). Note: If everything works fine with your keyboard. Mine came through DHL, and came surprisingly fast, in 4-5 days actually. And so, how are the Bluetooth features? Optical & Gateron Switches Made with state-of-the-art switches, the K6 is suitable for home, office and light gaming use with Gateron red, blue, or brown mechanical switch options. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. I don't know if this will wear off as time goes on, but as of now, it really does lower the user experience a bit. Keychron was formed in 2017 by a group of keyboard enthusiast who has extensive experience in keyboard manufacturing. I could have gone for a soldering job with a 65% kit that supported Bluetooth, but I wanted more freedom of choice and ease of use, so I looked for a hotswap board as well. I have the K2, which is thick and I'm sure there's a lot of empty space inside. I ordered a board with Gateron Brown switches, mostly due to curiosity on how they felt to type on, and also because I love tactile switches and wanted to try them out.

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