February 26, 2024

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True Detective

Writer/creator Nic Pizzolatto’s gave us this two-season wonder on HBO, a proposed anthology where each season would feature different characters, setting, and mystery in the hard-boiled style of Pizzolatto’s writing.  Often featuring the corruption of the powerful and its effects on the powerless, the first season was a wonder that grabbed the nation looking for clues.  The second was a wonder when people wondered what the hell happened between seasons one and two.

Me?  I’ll be covering both.

Season One

  1. The Long Bright Dark
  2. Seeing Things
  3. The Locked Room
  4. Who Goes There
  5. The Secret Fate of All Life
  6. Haunted Houses
  7. After You’ve Gone
  8. Form and Void

Season Two

  1. The Western Book of the Dead
  2. Night Finds You
  3. Maybe Tomorrow
  4. Down Will Come
  5. Other Lives
  6. Church in Ruins
  7. Black Maps and Motel Rooms
  8. Omega Station

Season Three

  1. The Great War and Modern Memory
  2. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  3. The Big Never
  4. The Hour and the Day
  5. If You Have Ghosts
  6. Hunters in the Dark
  7. The Final Country
  8. Now Am Found

Night Country (Season Four)