The Haunting Of Hill House/Bly Manor

So, there’s this house, see, and it’s full of ghosts.  Really creepy and scary ghosts, and they do things that cause all kinds of terrors in people years after they moved out.

Look, this is just a really spooky horror series.

Season One

  1. Steven Sees a Ghost
  2. Open Casket
  3. Touch
  4. The Twin Thing
  5. The Bent-Neck Lady
  6. Two Storms
  7. Eulogy
  8. Witness Marks
  9. Screaming Meemies
  10. Silence Lay Steadily

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Not quite a second season, but a companion series based around another old horror story, this time by Henry James, with many of the same actors, can lightning strike a second time?

  1. The Great Good Place
  2. The Pupil
  3. The Two Faces, Part One
  4. The Way It Came
  5. The Altar of the Dead
  6. The Jolly Corner
  7. The Two Faces, Part 2
  8. The Romance of Certain Old Clothes