July 13, 2024

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Black Mirror

Created by writer/producer Charlie Brooker, this twisted anthology series shows how technology, when used by the wrong people, can ruin lives.  And who are the wrong people?  Just about everybody, it turns out…

Series One

  1. The National Anthem
  2. Fifteen Million Merits
  3. The Entire History of You

Series Two

  1. Be Right Back
  2. White Bear
  3. The Waldo Moment

Series Two Christmas Special

  1. White Christmas

Series Three

  1. Nosedive
  2. Playtest
  3. Shut Up and Dance
  4. San Junipero
  5. Men Against Fire
  6. Hated in the Nation

Series Four

  1. USS Callister
  2. Arkangel
  3. Crocodile
  4. Hang the DJ
  5. Metalhead
  6. Black Mirror

Bandersnatch Special

Series Five

  1. Striking Vipers
  2. Smithereens
  3. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Series Six

  1. Joan Is Awful
  2. Loch Henry
  3. Beyond the Sea
  4. Mazey Day
  5. Demon 79