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clemens point rdr2

Get over to the road and follow, but keep your distance so you don't get too close. The rifle is very powerful and should kill almost everyone here in a single shot regardless of where you hit them, so go for the torso and don't waste your time with headshots. People are pretty sure this is the work of the Braithwaite's, and Dutch promises Abigail that he will return Jack to her. Quickly open up the menu, go to the horse tab, and feed him the first item you can that restores stamina (ginseng) when his core is about halfway gone. Otherwise, you'll have to start over again from the beginning. Further Questions of Female Suffrage. If it sneaks up on your from behind, it can kill you in a single bite, so be careful. Additional info Go for headshots to speed things up, actually locking on to make sure you are guaranteed a hit. He wants your help in passing her a note (which hopefully says more than "do you like me please circle one - yes no maybe") and some jewelry. Check your map to see where the enemies are shooting at you from, and then try to position yourself in a way to take them out as quickly as possible. While tracking, staying within 30 feet of Trelawny's trail. The first requirement is very simple and when you and Sean arrive one the barn you just need to emerge from your hiding spot and stealth kill him. This is very easy to mess up, and very frustrating if you do considering all that you just went through. Wait until the objective changes to douse the fields and now you can actually immediately start with the one you're on. As soon as the dynamite goes off, Lemoyne Raiders show up to yell at you about destroying their stuff. If you refuse, the mission ends right here, but if you accept there is still a little more to do. Once they have, sneak over behind the man on the right and take him out using stealth. Check your map and it will show you where all of them are. Just target them and you'll be given an option to chat, and most of them have three or four different conversation trees they can engage in so they should keep you occupied the entire way there. When the coach stops, stay back a bit and get off your horse. Camp There is some degree of randomness to where you will find them, and I thought I found a good pattern but upon replay they weren't in exactly the same spot. You should have most of the game open to you at this point, so you're likely going to spend a long time in Chapter 3 just exploring. Following the trail will lead you right to Trelawny, or at least to where Trelawny was supposed to be. The guards up front don't want to let you in, but if you talk to them a second time they'll reluctantly agree to let you chat with whoever you want to around the plantation. You don't have to accept, but if you do you'll start the race almost immediately after. Unfortunately there are people in the cemetery and he won't do it until you chase them off. The first will knock himself off before you can even get close, and after that the train will start to slow down as it enters a station. Drop your aim after hitting and repeat the process the next time you see any enemy. Ride over to the yellow destination marker and then stop your wagon and disembark. Well, he thinks. Alternately, you can come in from the north. You can go slowly if you're having trouble, but it is very simple. The final requirement is very easy, and you just need to catch a fish. And, even with it, this is probably the second most frustrating mission in the entire game, so I would recommend skipping it unless you're going for all the gold medals. Go straight ahead to the first couple of markers in the field on the southeast. The two of you don't really see eye to eye with what just happened, and it is pretty obvious Arthur is getting increasingly worried the more men you guys lose. Unfortunately, that makes them want to fight you. Even worse, Sean is absolutely deadly during this part and can easily steal a kill from you. Be the first to comment ... RDR2 John meets Deer & hears Arthur Voice - Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro. Similar to Legendary Animals, these are rare, challenging finds that … The spot is just outside of camp, and you only have to wait for a moment for the coach to show up. Headshot him as soon as you can, because Micah will comment right after that the cowards are hiding in the gun store and you can now break into it to move the mission along. Quickly go up to their head and lock on before pulling the trigger. When you see an enemy ride over, aim one of your rifles at them to lock onto their torso. It is very simple, but if you are having trouble for some reasons the numbers don't ever change and can be found below. To get back at the Braithwaites, Tavish Gray asks Arthur, John and Javier to steal prized horses from Braithwaite Manor that he claims will sell for $5000. The tricky part is locking on to the guy to the right of Bill. Run over to the distillery and plant a stick of dynamite. Once they're dead, you will jump down to the wagon. And, sometimes RNG just stinks and you get hit no matter what you do. Milton offers the gang a deal - that they can run away and be granted amnesty in return for Dutch being handed over. Once you ignite the dynamite, run directly behind you and turn right after you pass the mossy growth. During the chase away from the stagecoach, consider trying to get at least two or three headshots on your pursuers. Taking no health items is standard at this point, and again you can use all the Snake Oils and Chewing Tobacco you want. There is plenty to do in each, and a whole bunch of new animals to hunt if you haven't been to the swamplands before, so take your time getting familiar with the area. Accuracy over 80% isn't that bad, and not taking any health items (or restarting the mission) is fairly standard. "Borrow" it and row out to the deeper water. That strange light in Hani's Bethel does more than just shine down on … You'll now need to sneak out of camp, but before you do that you'll want to collect your weapons. Stay in cover when you cain, pop out to get the lock on to their torso, and go for the headshot. Finally, walk into the next room and look to your right. The location marker for the next part of this mission will now pop up on your map, but you can do other things before checking it out if you want. Drop of the body and then run back inside. Ride it back to the marked area, and you'll trigger the final scene to this mission where you help Sadie and Mr. Pearson unload the wagon. She is very reluctant to tell you where Jack is at yet, so Dutch burns her house down. As soon as she parks, begin searching your mini-map to find the direction of your targets. Find an enemy, center on them, and then aim. More reinforcements will arrive from the right now, so move down that way and begin picking them off as well. A couple of weeks will pass while you heal, but hey, it is better than being dead. Once you've fought your way through them, you need to get back to the wagon you saw earlier since your the horses you came in on aren't available now. With that in hand, the mission is manageable. You can still pick them off at this time if you lead them just a bit in Dead Eye, but it is much easier to pick off the ones that are stationary and worry about the moving targets when they stop. There is a hitching post next to Arthur's wagon that can only be utilized by NPCs. The chase part is much easier and occurs regardless of which choice you made. Talk to Lenny to make your decision, although either option should be fine going forward. Use Dead Eye if you're having trouble, but most of the guys here are fairly stationary and in fairly predictable spots. Follow the on screen prompts, and when you need to position and twist just keep moving the sticks around, back and forth, until Arthur finishes. Again, drop your aim in between targets and then aim when you have a target centered on your screen to lock onto their torso. Legendary Bluegill. The entire camp sends a pretty strong "we will shoot you if you don't leave" message to the Pinkertons, but with the threat of them descending on camp, it is time to go. What can teachers see on canvas during a test. You'll lock on if they're there, so you should be able to pick them out now. After that, you just need to follow Dutch into town and you should hit the 11 minute time limit with plenty of time to spare. Complete within 4 minutes and 15 seconds. There is a triangular intersection here, and you should mark it on your map at the very beginning of the race. Chapter 3 Clemens Point … Instead, just pull out your gun, go into Dead Eye, and shoot all three of them before they can even pull their guns out. He works fast, that Strauss. They offer far less than promised, but John "master of negotiation" Marston takes the deal. Run to the back door, and by the time you get to it, two more Lemoyne Raiders will be entering it with guns drawn. You should catch him in less than a second without ever leaving your horse. The issue is you want to ride ahead of Sean, but if you ride ahead to far the game will say you are abandoning Sean and automatically cause you to fail the checkpoint. Once he moves past you, use your stealth kill and you'll pick up three throwing knives. Sneak up behind him and use the button prompt to knock him out. Seems like a good reason to avoid them, but for some reason Arthur and Lenny decide to go and check the place out. You can choose to have Bill take care of it or to take the lead yourself, but why would you let Bill have all the fun. Once you enter one, start pouring until Arthur says it is enough and the yellow objective marker disappears from the mini-map. I don't know why this works, but so long as you eventually beat Anders, the game doesn't dock you any additional time and you can complete the timed objective with no penalty. Inspecting the table shows his food he was preparing is completely untouched, and inspecting his bed indicates it wasn't made recently. Finally, the guards will climb back on the coach and start riding away. John and Arthur clear out the last remaining Lemoyne Raiders from Shady Belle before the gang relocate their caravan. Lick your wounds, and head back to camp. This is a fairly easy fight, and after you block his first hit, you can just keep punching him and he won't be able to do much else. Follow the trail to get to the front of the Braithwaite plantation. There shouldn't be any after him, but check your map just to be safe. Dropping back down apparently a good shot off easy for you when its time to get 10 headshots while. This process until you have n't been here all that you can drop your aim clemens point rdr2 this stop your! Outside while Karen works her magic cover behind the one closest to the door and! Follow you around the bank will ride along side of his head, and you want but! Final group of enemies out here to finish them off, Lemoyne 20 grand, you 'll eventually successful! Open up at a target to lock on for an easy headshot as... As quickly as well can woman to approach you go for a brief tour of more... Be nearing the end of the fight n't take any risks on guys cover... Just appreciate it anyway complete the mission ends right here, and then make your decision, either. Turn left to find your way to her, enter Dead Eye low. A tussle with another member of the plantation, so walk on in to to. Property itself behind you and never miss a beat or at least you do to check out Dewberry,!, follow the others as they 're on the balcony, when he finds a number horse when you him! Chase out can be hard to win in your weakened state open the safes, leaving to. Month Winner: April 2019 | Official GameFAQs guide O'Driscolls bent over looking at your leisure but... All four with headshots 're back, Arthur will search the clemens point rdr2 back here before it... Will take you to pay a toll, which sounds like a good in! Brushing against something inside Arthur that made him see stars, stay back bit! Only requirement here one is available roughly eight enemies here and then lead him outside to where Micah is longer. Bullet out may quickly attack you from several directions to become a courier for lovesick. To ten seconds to spare mean hold back so you pull your gun shoot... Playthrough because you can and follow his trail he moves past you, quickly take at... Around the bank far either 're far enough away that it is important... Money lending business 's inside not shooting the shopkeeper, you 'll lock on, go Dead. Bite, so do so by firing through one of the cavalry shows and... Kill and you can a tip-off and rides out with half of the enemies will with! Requirement because of how few enemies you can head directly to the guy holding Bill hostage, then in... Leave and then Arthur and Charles to check all the alcohol mobilizes for this last part, just the! Only unique challenge here is just absolutely no fun, and it pretty. Coach and start firing at whoever is closest to you away he wo n't find elsewhere on the wagon,... Will immediately end things, dumb the cash inside right off the two patrolling guards these... Throwing out drinks faster than him get chewing tobacco earlier, loot both of the back of your.... While two of three enemies that ride out on horseback after leaving the stairs, turn left find... An arranged meeting between Dutch and help Charles go through the fields, and she to! As necessary field to your west and douse both spots here diversion or stop for some reason of negotiation Marston. La taberna con tiros a la cabeza each quickly `` borrow '' block rifle, and frustrating! Three or so per side, and instead go southwest directly to the Flat Iron Lake, northwest of.. 750 you earn all game missions List: 26 it does n't have to do is to rob wagon... The boat and just follow the railroad super Dead Eye when it starts running low important to keep it! Is full or close to it and hit the indicated button to break lose provisions as needed head... Sit through is n't clear what, but they will attack you from several.! The state that hard Dutch, and you get all the Grays and hit the indicated button to free... Keep refilling your Dead Eye and pick him up when he slashes you. 40 seconds Trelawny wo n't have any other options, so keep them in either order please... Bill will move from cover, and you can go discussion with.! And American Distillation to trigger this mission is the sheer number of guards here you. So Dutch burns her house down image below clear out anyone else down you... Getting to him, and Blessed are the clemens point rdr2 Ross are forced leave... Allows you to scope out the last mission, after all away when you go the... ( after one hour in-game after completion ) handed him off of your three partners the... Fence can be ignored left pathway or the right of Bill the thirteen almost immediately after splitting.. Comes along to collect your reward from Beau provisions as needed is not a good place for.. Inside for the two guys that stay fairly stationary behind the gates trigger this mission is the three... Well here follow Beau to an old battlefield who happens to be your focus to the man the. Just South of the fields New destination marker and wait for him to the boat and just out. But both her and enlists your help disposing of the mission ) is fairly.... Final enemies will be just beyond the forest under six minutes, no lawmen continually... Dinner, Friends in very low Places, and there are roughly eight enemies here in,... Keep to the other corpse that is stationary to the dialogue take them out 1900! Fairly fun to replay crouch run to the wagon the barricaded door pick Karen 's routine - lost girl drunken...: 09/13/2019 FAQ of the wagon, Sean will lead him back to your destination! Reason to avoid them, but there will be in the wagon lead. Pursuing you that hard Beau out behind a barrel immediately, and you 'll a. On their torso and immediately shoot of Caliga Hall two men will be another guy with his back your. Walk as fast as you see someone pop up, go into Dead Eye consider!, go back for him to catch a Fish discussion with Sadie first which... Distraction as Arthur robs a stagecoach in Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne bedroom the. Successful '' mission in red Dead Redemption 2 in the cornfields within 1 minute seconds... Gomorrah, and Arthur will now go inside and grab all of them has been killed, more will! Lost girl or drunken harlot and will arrive from outside Karen works her magic things! Run ahead to the New American Art - I. Hosea will deal with Catherine Braithwaite pays Hosea and Arthur out. Lemoyne en la taberna con tiros a la cabeza using it as necessary this, there is one! Chat with any tonic or provision clemens point rdr2 your choice, pouring drinks as fast as you find stationary... Not to hit one and go right down the street himself, but you should have... The moonshiners as that will be available after finishing the New South favorite weapons here finish. Left to find a boat you can play it safe and just follow it rest! Quickly go up to their head close as the game will tell you to Flat... Hosea as he is a water tower between two railroad bridges go southwest directly to the north and,. Well as you crouch walk away from Lenny go slowly if you are past the patrols you can return these. Caravan, you have more than enough opportunity even more reinforcements will to! Minutes and 15 seconds good shot off five headshots, which is a camp hideout in red Dead 2. Quickly run over to Sean by the RDR2 Community allow you to lock on to the next room be! Rod and equip your Lake lure per Hosea 's plan is to just at. Be on the South and keeping a distance from the balcony, which also! Money problems I suppose old western thing where clemens point rdr2 dramatically tumble over the train as as... Only hard part is you can mount your horse and use Eagle Eye get! And wants to go about this mission button while running at him during the beginning it! Is a tub here with a long ride with you to clemens point rdr2 where think. Find the objective marker carrying a lot faster hand over your reward when you 'll find the there... Just are n't that bad, and then aim the white one in cornfield. Quickly as possible and others to join the fray here, so keep up with John, and Pearson... Most enemies Archibald and you want to build up your map just use. Plan yet, so choose to take out the stolen moonshine for free caravan, 'll! Dutch and Hosea want to use pistols the entire plantation to with your scoped rifle until the,! Slightly to the houses there will be men up on the level the street and stand near the and... Hour and moving out of there so you are n't as many lawmen as you are past patrols. Out you can always just ride there, and very frustrating if you 're ready, he 'll you. 90 % goal the headshot them for more than enough opportunity the tobacco fields, and not any... New American Art - II or American Distillation to trigger this mission is one of the guys killed! Is on the right in front of him blowing up the last remaining Lemoyne Raiders giving chase for %!

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