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Son caractère en général doux, raisonné et jovial, tel celui d'une mère, contraste fort avec ses rares mais violentes crises de colère, d'autant plus im… This way, this couple helps each other in desperate times. When she returned to camp, Katara admitted to Aang that he had been right. ~ When a mission to the South Pole goes awry, Prince Zuko awakens in the home of a healer named Katara and finds his heart is damaged and his bending has vanished. But there's something in Katara that's drawn to Zuko! Aang's own recovery process provides evidence that Katara may not have been able to heal Zuko's scar with spirit water. Katara and Zuko plan to take on Azula together, but when they arrive at her coronation, he decides to fight her alone. Zuko is opening up about his life to Katara and it’s a heart-melting moment. But as time passes and Zuko's heart heals, it becomes clear that Katara … Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Day 2: Zuko & Katara They have owned me for an entire decade and will continue to own me thanks to Netflix. He looks past Katara's hatred of him to truly understand her anger. While siblings, she seemed to take great pleasure in the punishment inflicted on her brother. Any element Korra uses is as good or better than Zuko and Korra's water power and versatility makes up for Katara's superior skill. It clearly bothers him that he hasn't earned her support, and he cares about her opinion of him. 8 ZUKO: KATARA AND ZUKO WOULD CHALLENGE EACH OTHER TO BE BETTER. Source: I love Avatar and Jason Derulo! The famous couple from Avatar makes plenty of hearts skip a beat and there’s a good enough reason why. the last airbender. Cet événement l'a marqué très profondément, et elle y fait souvent allusion lors de ses discussions, notamment au sujet de son collier, qui est celui de sa mère, le seul souvenir qui lui reste d'elle. They briefly met again when Katara was captured after she mistook a disguised Azula for Suki and warned her that Zuko and Iroh were in the city. Now that she finally has a lead, she needs to pursue it. Unlike good old Master Pakku who believes Katara isn’t good enough nor is she showing any form of improvement. No matter how many fights and struggles come their way, this couple isn’t backing down. The two later fought at the Northern Water Tribe when Aang was in the Spirit World and Zuko tried to capture him. Moreover, one particular incident deserves a special mention. This Zutara: Of feu and Water fan-art might contain demoiselle d'honneur, demoiselle d’honneur, robe de dîner, formel, robe de soirée, formelle, bouquet, corsage, posy, and nosegay. When Zuko sees that Azula is sending her lightning blast straight at Katara, he dives in front of her to protect her. Also it helps complete Azula's arc to see Katara heal Zuko and to see that she now has no one as she is reminded that she was abandonned by everyone and now after having lost, she has nothing left. ↳ HD RECOMMENDED + turn on captions! At this point, there's no real reason to help Zuko or Iroh. Posted by 1 day … Zuko and Katara were initially enemies because Katara was working with the Avatar Aang while Zuko was trying to capture him so that he could regain his honor and return home from his banishment. And I'm sorry, but they make a GORGEOUS couple!! Whether he's trying to firebend to protect Katara or just reaching for her in search of comfort, all he wants is his Katara safely beside him. Setting off to defeat a Fire Nation commander is always dangerous but especially for Zuko since he's a traitor. Katara and Aang's relationship feels more like a brother-sister one. Zuko and Katara <3. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! The main goal here is to heal scars for a person she feels is opening up. It’s a couple who share way more than just feelings.point 369 |, Yes, these lovebirds come to the realization that they both lost their loved ones in a similar manner.point 85 | To be more specific, we’re referring to their mom’s death at the Fire Nation.point 161 | And that, in particular, is a strong emotional tie that creates an inseparable bond.point 232 | 1. Katara still doesn't trust Zuko even though everyone else does. All rights reserved. And don't even try to tell me she wouldn't make an AMAZING Fire Lady!! "I havn't left you side since Mai hurt you". Zuko respects Katara as a bender, even if she is a girl. WHY DO YOU SURPRESS YOUR LOVE?!! Zuko jumps in front of a FREAKING LIGHTNING BOLT for Katara!!! Plus, Aang kissing her when she clearly doesn't want it is so problematic. A few minutes after Zuko saves Katara, she saves him right back! Zuko opens up for her and becomes vulnerable, which he doesn't do for many other characters. When Katara and Zuko battle at the Spirit Oasis, he discovers she's a much stronger bender now. He's so scared that his uncle will never forgive him that he's afraid to go inside. In return, she sets aside her anger for Zuko and resumes their friendship. Zuko said. Even though she's being mean to him, he senses that there's something else there. In response to his actions, Katara decides to offer special water towards the spirit oasis. But Katara offers her wisdom and convinces Zuko that all will be well. The two girls fought each other in the underground city of Old Ba Sing Se, where Katara held her ground against the Fire Nation Princess and actually gained the upper hand at one point. At first, Aang and Sokka don't understand, but Zuko does. I'm betting it's because she just watched a play where she and Zuko were together, so she's busy thinking about her crush on him! He turned to face her, “That's something we have in common.” Katara raised her head, wiping the tears from her face. His heart wasn't alone though, Katara's heart was booming within her chest so loud she was afraid Zuko would hear it. Bolin vs Zuko: Bolin 6/10. I would usually give Aang the edge against Katara, but with the full moon and a large body of water, the fight is in her favor. Now, Korra has two benders, with Mako taking an easy win (he hard counters Toph) and Bolin against Katara they take it 10/10. Lin vs Katara: Katara 7/10. If these movements of togetherness and passion don’t strike as beautiful then we’re not quite sure what will. In the crystal catacombs, Zuko and Katara realize they have something in common: they both lost their mothers to the Fire Nation. He would do anything, if it meant restoring his honour and setting things back to the way they used to be. Their differences would make their relationship stronger. After all, she is a worthy opponent. Unlike good old Master Pakku who believes Katara isn’t good enough nor is she showing any form of improvement. Asami vs Sokka: Asami 8/10. Following the failed Siege of the North, Fire Lord Ozai tasked Azula with capturing Iroh and Zuko, now considered traitors to the Fire Nation. Zuko rose, as if to come and comfort her, but turned away. This is my first vid! And in the end, this couple stays together as one, despite the trials that come their way. Talk about a power couple!! Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. XD I'm huge a Katara and Aang fan, but I love Zuko too. "Don't be" Katara said. Zuko said lying in the hospital bed, and holding Katara's hand. "If anyone should be sorry it's Mai, and she will be If I ever see her agian" Katara said. By continuing to use WhatToLaugh, you are agreeing to these updates. If that's not love, I don't know what is!! It shows they would be equals in a relationship, from their bending abilities to rescuing each other's butts. Summer_Leanne, ZUTARAFOREVER17 and 7 others like this . Moreover, we’re still gushing over the scenes of how some things are simply meant to be. At some point, Z… For more trending news from the world of entertainment, don’t forget to check out our article Could Disney Be Giving Danny DeVito Fans A Treat As Phil From Hercules? Hi guys! In fact, it would be better to let them suffer so Team Aang wouldn't have to worry about them for a minute. Ingredients: 1 cup milk1 teaspoon honey2 drops vanilla extract1 pinch ground cinnamon Instructions: Pour milk into a microwave safe mug and place into microwave. Katara was now stronger and more experienced than ever, but unlike that time she stole a waterbending scroll, she refused to exploit her abilities or fight dirty. They engage in some pretty obvious flirting. Considering the balance of yin and yang is an important plot point of the show, it would just make sense for the main relationship to embody that! From their uniquely good looks to passionate onscreen chemistry, you can’t help but choose a better-animated couple. They have more in common than they realize. Zuko and Katara have troubled pasts, and have had to grow up way beyond their years. I think so! Both Zuko and Katara are known to possess a very serious demeanor. Né en 83 APG, Zuko était le premier enfant du Seigneur du Feu Ozai et de la princesse Ursa. They continue to act like they're denying their feelings for one another. Zuko and Katara have personalities that could clash at times. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. In one of the most anticipated battles of the series, Zuko and Azula finally go head to head in the Agni Kai to end all Agni Kai. Zuko volunteers to accompany Katara on her quest for justice. As Zuko watched in awe, Katara released her waterbending and left the confused old man shaken but alive. Going on such an emotional journey with Zuko leads Katara to open her heart. Imagine getting yourself into a relationship that gives out brother sister vibes more than boyfriend-girlfriend vibes.point 261 |, Yes, that was the case between Katara and Aang.point 39 | Even their first kiss screamed bizarre sparks and it was just not appealing.point 103 | While the age difference between the two might be similar, their maturity levels aren’t.point 184 | 1. It’s a heartfelt bond of togetherness where rocks come crashing down the hill. And that’s exactly what happens. Katara first battled Azula when she and the rest of the team joined forces with Zuko and Iroh to defeat her in a duel. Katara is one person who Zuko saves from the most horrible death, even when he chooses to switch sides. When the squad attends the play about themselves, Aang wants to sit beside Katara, but Zuko doesn't let him. Aang, as well as everyone else, has referred to Katara as a wet blanket. fan-art. For all her life, Katara has carried hate in her heart for the Fire Nation commander who stole her mother. Finally, water and fire are opposite elements. Katara and Zuko formed a mutual hatred for each other based on their own biased opinion of their national roots; to Zuko, Katara was the “water tribe peasant” whose strong water-bending skills often prevented him from capturing the Avatar, while Katara’s hatred for the Fire Nation converged on Zuko, the embodiment of the cruel nation responsible for the death of her mother.

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