July 21, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Wonder Woman #5 (January, 2024)

Diana attempts to keep her allies out of trouble while the Sovereign recruits more.

The past few issues of this Wonder Woman run have included back-up pieces of Trinity, a young girl who is apparently Diana’s daughter, as she hangs out with Jon Kent and Damien Wayne.  These stories are generally fun, but they don’t really have any impact that I can see on the main storyline in each issue, so all I will say is I like these back-ups but they are more slice-of-life characterization with some light comedy and that’s about it as near as I can make out.

Issue:  Wonder Woman #5, January 2024

Writer:  Tom King

Artists:  Daniel Sampere and Belen Ortega

The Plot:  Diana decides to go it alone as the Sovereign puts a team together to stop her.

Commentary:  The “The Plot” description above is pretty accurate:  Diana and the Sovereign are basically going in opposite directions.  Diana has a meeting with the three Wonder Girls–Yara, Cassie, and Donna–and each challenges her to a contest.  If Diana wins, the Wonder Girl in question will not attempt to help her through her current problems.  If she loses. they can help.  Each Wonder Girl chooses a different style of contest, each of them has a good bit of reasoning on why they should win, and it goes from there.  Donna’s challenge is honestly the most creative, and Yara’s “good bit of reasoning” actually ain’t so good, but that’s kids for ya these days.

Meanwhile, the Sovereign is recruiting a number of Diana’s old enemies to form some kind of hit squad.  He sends Sarge Steel to talk to most of them but will go see one himself when he feels it is most appropriate, and Dr. Psycho just shows up on his own without anyone telling him anything.  Much like Diana’s contests, each recruitment is done a little differently, and there’s one major Wonder Woman foes who doesn’t seem to be involved in this mess yet, but I do like the level of creativity going on here.  At the very least, King’s script shows he has a good idea what makes these different characters tick.

Well, maybe not Yara.

Overall, I am still liking this series.  I have a better idea of what makes the Sovereign a threat to Diana of all people, and the story moves along at a decent pace.  True, the Amazon murderer plotline seems to be on the back burner right now, but the Sovereign is basically a stand-in for the patriarchy.  I can’t imagine a more suitable Wonder Woman antagonist.

Grade:  A-