July 21, 2024

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Fallout “The Past”

Season One, Episode Five

Huh.  A Ghoul-free episode.  I guess I’ll just have to deal with that.

Instead, this episode features two ongoing plots.  One involves life in Vault 33, where Norm is getting increasingly suspicious, particularly after an election chose a new leader, and whatever is going on in Vault 31, there seems to have been a decision to repopulate Vault 32 with 33’s citizens, and man, the place looks much nicer now.  However, as I said with the previous episode write-up that, while I find the events inside the Vault fascinating in their own right, I do not wish to comment on them extensively just yet, particularly in how this particular episode ends.

That would be in part because Lucy takes a new friend to a place she feels is safe, namely another Vault.  Is Lucy in Vault 31?  I don’t know.  But much of Lucy’s storyline deals with her gradual disillusionment about her place in the world.  She came to the surface under the belief that she and the rest of the Vault People were going to save civilization and restore American culture and whatnot, but the more time she spends on the surface, the more she seems to learn that things are a lot worse up there than she thought they were and that she is not as well-equipped as she believed she was before coming up.  True, Lucy isn’t a total incompetent–her big cousin Chet probably would have gotten himself killed before he’d managed to take three steps–but she is finding out all kinds of things about the world that the Vault just did not prepare her for.

But now she has someone who may make for a much better companion, particularly as both are looking for the same thing in the form of Wilzig’s head, and that would be Maximus.  Maximus learned the hard way not to tell his new Squire who he really is, and he must have learned more because he gave Lucy the name “Knight Titus” too despite the fact that that is an obvious lie.  And while Maximus is not as naive as Lucy, there is a part of me that greatly suspects he’s not that much better.  Lucy, she knows things thanks to all the skills the Vault community taught here.  Maximus, well, he knows what life is like on the surface, but he doesn’t have the training to be the knight he pretends to be.

However, Maximus shares some of his backstory here, not long after Lucy asks for an update of the part three centuries of American history, and as a child, he was part of an attempt to rebuild society at Shady Sands.  That didn’t work.  More bombs fell because, as Maximus noted, everyone wants to save the world, but people just can’t agree on how.  A flashback shows young Maximus was maybe the lone survivor, and as a child, he was taken in by the Brotherhood of Steel, and he’s been there ever since.

So, aside from the obvious differences, how is life in a Vault any different from being part of the Brotherhood?  Both groups say they are working to save the world or something.  Both no doubt give limited amounts of information to the rank-and-file.  Both live outside of the sort of life most people on the surface seem to have.  Both Lucy and Maximus probably won’t survive out there on their own.  Heck, both have been barely surviving as it is.  I’m sure working together will be good for both of them in their own way, and while Maximus is much nicer than most of the people Lucy has met on the surface…that isn’t exactly saying much, is it?

The point is, Lucy is probably better off with this guy as they are both fairly clueless people.