July 21, 2024

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The Clone Wars “A Friend In Need”

Ahsoka finds herself helping an angry young man who maybe shouldn't have asked Death Watch for help.

Well, after that three part slavery storyline and before this long arc with an undercover Obi-Wan, it looks like Ahsoka is doing something with someone her own age…um. he’s not going to be that sort of person that tempts Ahsoka to leave the Jedi Order or something, is he?

Well, looks like Padme finally got her wish as there are serious peace negotiations going on between the Republic and the Separatists.  These might work had there not been an interruption by young Lux Bonteri, son of the late Senator Bonteri, Padme’s friend that tried a similar peace negotiation before she mysteriously died.  Dooku is responsible for that, but he made sure he didn’t look like he did it.  Only now Lux here is loudly proclaiming in the chamber with the peace talks that Dooku killed his mommy.

How’d he know that?  Why did he think this plan would work?  I don’t know.  I don’t think he’s very bright.

In fact, Ahsoka and R2 take him off to the Republic for safekeeping.  But he doesn’t want to go there either.  He’s already made arrangements to get Dooku, and he does manage to get Ahsoka and R2 to a cold planet where they meet…Death Watch!

That would be the Mandalorian terrorist group.  I should have known having the peace talks on Mandalore would probably lead to something like that, and the Queen looked pretty damn bored listening to the talks go on anyway.  Hey, don’t Death Watch hate the Jedi?  Why, yes they do!  But they do make a couple mistakes.  Initially told Ahsoka is Lux’s girlfriend, they set R2 to fix all the broken droids.  Then they go on to terrorize this village, killing a teenage girl by stabbing her in the back with…wait, is that the Nightsaber?  Have I see that before on this show?

Never mind.  Lux realizes Ahsoka was right all along, that Death Watch guys can’t be trusted, something that should have been obvious just because of how much these guys are a bunch of creeps.  Ahsoka does start to fight back, and even has a nice move where, given her lightsabers, she does this spin that decapitates four Mandalorians at the same time.  These guys might not be very bright either.

Case in point:  all those droids R2 repaired are more than happy to attack the rest of Death Watch since Death Watch was mostly using them for sparring practice.

Then again, the droids all go down, so maybe they weren’t very bright either.  That has been a mighty dim episode.

Anyway, Ahsoka, R2, and Lux do get away, but he just hops on an escape pod and disappears.  I think that means he’ll be back, but he’s not very bright.  He might just trip and fall into a Sarlacc Pit or something dumb like that.