July 21, 2024

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Dark Matter “The Corridor”

Season One, Episode Four

You know, I would have thought Jason-2 would have just settled down with what he had and just been happy, but this guy has other issues.

Much of this episode focuses on the corridor that allows Jason-1 and Amanda to travel to different worlds.  That’s a neat set-up, allowing the show to go all-out on different worlds where buildings are collapsing and no one seems to be alive anymore, new ice ages, and one where the sun burned away the atmosphere.  There’s even one where Amanda and Jason can see what happened to them if they’d just waited an extra hour or something to try and run away.

I did wonder why they spent more than a couple seconds in places where it was clear the whole place was a mess, but that’s just me, and the pair do eventually figure out how to not go to broken worlds where everything is bad and the Batman Who Laughs is probably in charge.

The Batman Who Laughs sucks, by the by.

That’s cool and all, and meanwhile, Leighton from Jason-2’s world also went into the corridor, and that just seems like a dumb move so we may not see that murderous jerk again.

But that’s the sort of thing that would attract viewers.  It’s cool and flashy and well-done and all, and there’s even a nice scene where Jason-1 and Daniela both tell the story of their dead other son Max, Daniela to Charlie and Jason to Amanda.  But there’s something I haven’t said much about before:  Jason-2 and how he’s fit into Jason-1’s life.

Yeah, he’s not doing a good job of it.  Daniela and Charlie are both noting that he’s acting weird, but the problem as I see it is this:  he’s not happy with what he has.  He wanted Daniela (and presumably Charlie), but he got them and now he’s doing things like spending money he doesn’t have, making deals with the Leighton of that world to rebuild the Box, and quitting his teaching job.  The way I see it, the big difference between the Jasons is one of them basically learned to be happy with what he has while Jason-2 believes he should be allowed to have it all.  But that’s the whole reason he didn’t get what he wanted:  Daniela is a person, not a prize.  Keeping her out of the loop and making major decisions without at least running things by her is not the way to keep her happy.

As I see it, life is at its most satisfying when you both A) accept what you have and B) have someone you respect to share it with.  Jason-2 doesn’t understand that.  That’s probably why he’s unhappy and why he will ultimately fail.

Also, he’s a big jerk from the looks of things.  Jimmy would not approve of this guy.