July 15, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Escape From Kadavo”

Anakin doesn't use his words to save the day.

Disney+’s summary for this episode says Anakin tries to explain to the Zygerrian Queen how she is also a slave.  Having an episode where the heroes save the day without swinging  a lightsaber, especially with Anakin and his strong feelings against slavery, might make for an interesting change of pace.

That is not even remotely how all this goes down.

Two things that come in handy, one I noted in the previous episode’s write-up and one I did not, come into play.    I had noted that R2 wasn’t captured with the others, and it turns out that was not something the writers forgot.  R2 even arguably is the one who saves the day at the start.  The thing I didn’t mention was how Anakin was supposed to be the Queen’s slave bodyguard, so he not only lacked a shockcollar and still had his lightsaber.  And yes, he does try to explain she’s still a slave since Dooku outranks her.

She doesn’t believe him until she goes off to see him because her Prime Minister ratted her out for keeping a Jedi slave.

That just gives R2 an opening to help Anakin escape his captors, free Ahsoka, and then it’s just a big action-packed finale to rescue Obi-Wan, Rex, and those colonists who have no work skills but were put to hard labor, a people who get punished when Obi-Wan makes the slightest mistake.

Anakin, Ahsoka, and R2 do get away.  Obi-Wan and Rex are being held by the pacifier-in-chief, one of those lazy villains in a floating chair.  How can Anakin take on a whole base by himself?

Oh, he didn’t.  He called the Republic for back-up, leading to a a bunch of slavers getting exactly what they deserve, and Anakin didn’t have to take out any of the leaders.  Sure, the chair guy smashed the controls for the room that was set to kill the colonists, but between Ahsoka going there in person and some really precise flying, that wasn’t an issue.  Likewise, chair guy thought he was safe when he pointed out to Obi-Wan that a Jedi can’t kill an unarmed man…except Captain Rex was right there, and clones don’t operate under any such restrictions.

By this point in the series, the animation has really mastered action sequences and the like, but these guys seemed like they deserved to be taken out more than most.  Did I need a bit at the end where the colonist governor mentions that many of his people have something that sounds an awful lot like PTSD?  Well…no.  But it was a really nice touch to acknowledge something that most animated series might have just glossed over.

Well, that was well-done.  Why isn’t Jimmy watching this show?