July 21, 2024

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Sweet Home “Episode 7”

Season Two, Episode Seven

I haven’t exactly been making it a secret that season two has been a bit disappointing to me, and I was seriously considering not watching more of this show once the season was done even if the third season is coming out soon.

Then I think I saw Netflix referring to the next season as the final one, so I may just finish it off after all.  Or I won’t.  I’ll decide after I finish off season two.

I feel like a broken record, but much of season two had both changed the tone I enjoyed about the show before while also focusing a bunch of new character whose names and personalities I barely know.  I feel a lot like when I watch House of the Dragon, another show where I have trouble keeping track of who is who and not knowing character names, but I find House of the Dragon much more compelling.

Then again, House of the Dragon doesn’t play the “monsters have feelings too” card, a fact that seems counterintuitive since all the monsters save one or two in season one seemed inclined mostly o attack anyone on sight.  This season has doubled-down on more human-looking monsters, and what monstrous monsters don’t have anywhere near the creativity of the ones from season one.  There’s a monster attack in this episode that seems to be mostly just things made of scrap metal boxes attacking some soldiers, but they all look the same and don’t have much in the way of personalities.

OK, a lot of the season one monsters lacked personalities, but they at least had unique styles of attack and the like.  There’s nothing here like the giant  protein monster or the long necked thing with giant eyeballs coming out of the head.

This episode, at least, tries to do something with characters I know by filling in what Hyun-su and Yi-kyung have been up to, but Yi-kyung used to these action movie scenes, and here she is as a mother who isn’t sure if she should have killed her monster child or not while forgetting that Hyun-su, who helped her raise the fast-growing child, is also a monster when she says how monsters are just evil, forcing him to remind her that he isn’t and neither is the baby thing that saved her life.

Meanwhile, back at the stadium, the militia guys are putting the stadium under lockdown and martial law while their commander hides the fact he is also a monster while, once again, looking completely human.  I don’t know much of anything about these guys, and I don’t know why I should care.  I learned to care for the season one characters, but this episode is kinda typical of what this show has done with them.  The season one characters are largely sidelined, and when they do appear, they really aren’t doing the sorts of things I want to see them doing.  Is another vent escape while being chased by a half-human spider too much to ask?

Apparently.  I’ll be going back to The Boys after next episode’s season finale, and then I’ll make a decision about whether I finish this show off or not.