July 15, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Jay Garrick: The Flash #4 (January, 2024)

Jay and Judy learn all about the mysterious Dr. Elemental.

Wait, both #4 issues of these two JSA mini-series I have been reading were villain origin stories?  Did DC direct the creators to do that or was it just a coincidence?  I mean, it could go either way.

Though this Dr. Elemental guy looks a little too much like Dr. Doom for my tastes…

Issue:  Jay Garrick: The Flash #4, January 2024

Writer:  Jeremy Adams

Artist:  Diego Olortegui

The Plot:  Jay and Judy learn that they know Dr. Elemental better than they thought they did.

Commentary:  The entire issue is basically Jay and Judy reading Elemental’s diary, and it turns out, Jay knew the guy:  when Jay was a college athlete, he worked with this professor who was trying to make superhumans.  Granted, Jay didn’t know that as the Prof saw Jay as a simpleton that was easy to manipulate.  Oh, and the heavy water accident that gave Jay his powers was also this guy’s doing, and later on, knowing thanks to time travel about Judy, he did the same to her.

So, this time the bad guy is the mastermind behind, well, everything, but the thing is, he keeps making speedsters who aren’t exactly going along with the program.  His only successes have been the very people who keep trying to stop him, but he somehow thinks he’s better than them.

Granted, he did come up with long-term plans that kept him in the game, waiting for Judy to come back or something.  He’s a mastermind type of bad guy, well-constructed for this story, but he also feels like one I have seen many times before.  That’s probably OK:  this is the one I read because it’s just fun after all.

Grade:  B