July 15, 2024

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Barry “bestest place in the world”

Season Four, Episode Two

Well, I knew Barry was messed up, but he somehow seems even more messed up than I thought.

And he’s not the only one.

Thanks to a combination of flashbacks and daydreams, Barry’s childhood shows he’s known Fuches a very long time while he somehow still thinks he can get out of prison and marry Sally, possibly going to the wedding of his own adult child later on.  I knew Barry lived in a somewhat emotionally stunted world of his own, but man, that takes things to new heights.  Likewise, I knew Fuches was so easily miffed when he thought Barry was ditching him that he’d do anything to get back at Barry, but he’s not even right this time.

That he told NoHo Hank and Cristobal that Barry is going state’s witness against the two of them while misunderstanding that Barry is trying to help Fuches too is something else.

But then there’s Sally and Gene, and these two have their own problems.  Gene wants to tell a reporter his story of how he brought down Barry, setting up a scavenger hunt (that doesn’t work) before doing a long one-man show full of, let’s say, embellishments, to get out his version of events.  Gene isn’t very bright if he thinks saying he was an anonymous witness is going to fool anybody, but that’s a different story for another episode.  I would not mess with any character played by Robert Wisdom, but that’s me.

Sally, meanwhile, goes to see Barry for reassurance that the man she killed will stay secret, but then she let’s slip that he made her feel safe, no doubt reigniting his feelings for her, and Barry doesn’t understand his feelings as it is.  Sally’s career is in the toilet right now.  Her social media-leaked tirade against a former friend is one thing, but being a murderer’s girlfriend too really isn’t going to work out for her.

So, why do these people do what they do?  Gene has a theory when Sally confronts him:  actors love applause.  There had to be signs that Barry wasn’t right in the head from the get-go.  Why didn’t they see them before?  Because he was such an adoring fan of both Gene and Sally, and neither of them could resist something like that.

Gene may be a vainglorious fool sometimes, but he does understand the acting profession very well.  He’s an old man who knows himself.  Now, if he could stop doing stupid things to make people hate him, he’ll be a lot better off.