July 15, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Kidnapped”

Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka take on some slavers.

Say, using Anakin’s actual backstory to further character development?  That’s a good idea.

Letting Obi-Wan take all the hits?  That may be a better idea.

New storyarc, and this time, it comes when a colony of nonviolent artists find their homes invaded by Count Dooku because, well, he’s that bad a guy.  Sure, Yoda was in contact and asking them to wait for assistance, but these pacifists don’t have time for that because the Separatists are already there with Dooku, a lot of droids, and a Zygerrian.  Zygerrians are bad.

By the time the Republic forces show up, it looks like all the colonists are there.  Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka all head down with a clone detachment, battle biker droids that are apparently a thing, and find absolutely no colonists for some reason.  The Zygerrian is the only organic Separatist back, and he’s a slaver.

Apparently, it took the Jedi until the end of the episode to realize the colonists are all gone, but I had to wait until the end for Ahsoka to confirm these guys are the same species that she is, so I can cut them some slack.  I mean, if they didn’t know there were no colonists there, the Zygerrian’s threat to set off bombs all over town wouldn’t work as blackmail.  See, the Zygerrians are a slaver race who once were a mighty empire based entirely on the slave trade until the Republic banned that particular trade and ruined their economy.

Man, basing your entire economy around one commodity is not a good idea.  Just ask Venezuela.

Anyway, Obi-Wan goes to talk, and he’ll delay while Anakin and Ahsoka defuse the bombs.  That involves challenging the Zygerrian to a fight to the death, and that lasts as long as it does because it was Obi-Wan who went there and not Anakin, a guy with a special hatred for slavers because, you know, he was a slave himself for a while there.

Now, Obi-Wan gets slapped around quite a bit during his fistfight, so I guess a Jedi can’t use the Force to fight, even in self-defense, without a lightsaber.  I could argue that Jedi can do Force pushes, dodge things, and clearly leap great distances.  So, he can’t enhance his strength or durability?  Even his reflexes?  I know, he’s doing all this to give Anakin and Ahsoka time to disarm the bombs, but he still retrieves his lightsaber when he’s done, and that Zygerrian still gets away.

Well, almost.  Ahsoka had to delay Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side.

Besides, this guy was also stealing local wildlife for some reason, so he’s just a bad, bad dude.  Maybe now they can find the missing colonists.  That seems important.