July 15, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Justice League Vs Godzilla Vs Kong #3 (December, 2023)

With Titans running throughout the world, the Justice League needs to find a way to stop them.

Can Godzilla beat Superman?

Does it matter?  If either was an overwhelming favorite here, there’d be no story.

Issue:  Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #3, December 2023

Writer:  Brian Buccellato

Artist:  Christian Duce

The Plot:  Did the King of the Monsters just kill the Man of Steel?

Commentary:  Well, I don’t know if Superman should be so vulnerable to radioactive fire from Godzilla’s mouth, but apparently, a blast of that will kill him.  Maybe.  Everyone is all broke up about it, but I somehow doubt DC’s flagship character would be killed off so quickly.  I’m not even halfway through this mini-series so far.  And for all that everyone is mourning Superman–except for Batman because Batman seems to know something–I think Godzilla also killed Atom-Smasher, a rather random DC hero to toss as Godzilla, possibly because he was the only one who could do a “pick on someone your own size!” thing before Godzilla took a bite out of his shoulder.  Is Atom-Smasher dead?  Billy Batson thought so, but no one seems too sad about that guy.

Regardless, this has been a rather fun story as Buccellato seems to be able to weave together continuity from both universes in a satisfying way.  Green Arrow can go to Skull Island because his origin story involves his being stranded on a similar island, and besides, it looks like Toyman is the only bad guy left there because he is that kind of asshole.  Meanwhile, Kong takes a temporary liking to Supergirl, reflecting the big ape’s preferences for blondes.

The end result is a fun series, even if heroes are “dying,” one where I am maybe not surprised the only Titan to lose a fight was the one who went to Gotham, but man…that is still one supremely clunky title.

Grade:  B+