July 21, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Plan Of Dissent”

Some clones are tired of General Krell's plans.

Wow, this Krell guy, he’s not a good guy for a Jedi.

That or he really doesn’t like clone troopers.

The problem this time is that a Separatist supply ship, no doubt full of weapons, but there isn’t much that anyone seems able to do about it.  Pong Krell decided that, once again, a headlong attack by what’s left of his clone army is the way to take the capital, but hey, the clones captured an airbase last time!  Why not use some of the star fighters to fly up and blow the ship up before it can drop off any arms?  Surely using their own ships would allow the clones to get close enough to blow the ship up?

Oh, Krell doesn’t think it’s a good plan.  OK, his reasoning isn’t terrible –the clones are soldiers, not pilots, and these ships have some screwy controls–but cripes, the plan is a good one!  Why is he persisting on only going for these full frontal assaults?  This is Star Wars, and this goober can’t even come up with a diversion!  He’s not good at this!

Anyway, Fives has had enough and convinces Rex to look the other way as he, Hardcase, and a guy improbably named Jesse just swipe some ships and do the plan anyway!  They just need to keep it a secret from the loyalest clone in the battalion, a guy named Dogma.  And the plan, eventually, works.  Hardcase does have to get out of his ship and push a missile into the enemy reactor (a plan Fives got because Anakin told him how the plot to The Phantom Menace went), but it works.  The supply ship has been destroyed, and Fives, Hardcase (RIP), and Jesse should be seen as heroes.

Except now Krell wants to court-martial and then execute them for disobeying his orders.

Is…is he trying to make the clones hate him?  They’re questioning him enough as it is.  That was a good plan, but now those guys are going to die for the crime of being heroes, and you know Anakin would have let him get away with it.  He’s gonna be so mad when he gets back…