July 21, 2024

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Sweet Home “Episode 6”

Season Two, Episode Six

Well, I guess it bears saying:  I don’t think I like this show anymore.

This episode, theoretically, should be more of what I like.  There’s a guy who seems to spontaneously explode.  An invisible monster pops up.  The Hobo with a Shotgun returns, as do a number of characters I actually recognize.  There’s a freakin’ tiger pit for cryin’ out loud!

And yet, then there are these military guys arguing over whether they can trust each other, the woman who may be running things at the stadium getting good’n’mad at her daughter for being a spoiled brat, and various other characters that I don’t really recognize or know anything about just doing stuff.  Why is Yi-kyung living on a boat with what I think is her monster daughter?  Does she care for the girl that seemed to be freaking her out when the child was born?  I’m not sure, but then I wonder if I want to find out.

I was even sitting there and wondering why the show had seemingly forgotten Hyun-su until he flew in and grabbed Eun-yu when she was falling into the tiger pit a second time, and I didn’t even know he could use that one wing thing that replaces his arm to fly.

The end result is, I am watching a lot of characters that I haven’t had a chance to get to know, and they aren’t the sort of goofy and quirky that was the first season’s cast, and I don’t know why I should care.  This episode does show flashes of the weird stuff I used to enjoy about Sweet Home, but heroic action girl type Yi-kyung spends this episode not dodging monsters or trying to ram a giant over a cliff with a fire truck.  It’s just not working for me.

I know that a season three is coming very soon, but when I finish this season, I’m going back to The Boys and then decide if I want to see any more of this show.