July 21, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Darkness On Umbara”

Captain Rex's squad gets a new Jedi general while campaigning on a planet covered in shadow.

Many of the early episodes showed that a number of clone soldiers thought the Jedi viewed them as disposable only for someone like Yoda or Anakin to say otherwise.

This episode’s Jedi must have been who they had in mind.

The Clone Wars has come to the planet Umbara, a planet perpetually clouded with darkness that has a strong resistance from the natives.  It’s the sort of thing that an experienced commander is needed to handle, and so, off go Rex and Anakin, and it’s looking like the standard battle, only its dark out and makes for some cool animation.

And then the Chancellor recalls Anakin for some reason, and Anakin’s replacement is some four-armed Jedi who wades into a fight with two double-bladed lightsabers.  He must be cool, right?

Naw, this guy is an asshole!  His name is Pong Krell, and he won’t call clones by anything other than their clone number, insists on doing things by the book, and won’t let anyone talk back.  You follow his orders or else!  Or else what?  I am not sure.  But he’s that kind of guy!

Oh, and his “follow my orders no matter what” is clearly the sort of thing that might work if he used good strategies or consulted Rex on how to implement them successfully, but instead, he’s ordering frontal assaults on heavily fortified positions and getting mad when Rex orders a strategic retreat while his men are getting cut down.  Sure, Krell maybe listens when Rex tells him off, saying that his soldiers and men and not clones (technically, they are both), and that maybe Krell needs to respect his soldiers to get respect back.

That kinda works, but it looks like we’ll be dealing with Krell for a few more episodes.

I should have known Krell was gonna be trouble.  He sounds like he’s voiced by Clancy Brown.  That’s usually a sign of a bad guy.  Then again, I don’t think that is Brown’s voice, so that might make it even worse.