July 21, 2024

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “The Gang Finds A Dead Guy”

Season One, Episode Six

I was starting to think I finally got to an episode where I could, theoretically do a write-up on my work laptop.  Then the Nazi stuff showed up.

So, an old guy that nobody really knew anything about died in Paddy’s, and the lone member of the Gang there that night, Charlie, didn’t notice when he locked up for the night.  This sort of thing is maybe something that could be emotionally or psychologically devastating, but it mostly comes down to wondering if they should allow people to use the booth they found the corpse in when they open up for the day.

It seems a little weird to see Paddy’s has customers in these early episodes since the place always seems to be empty when I catch bits and pieces of this show.

But this is the Gang, and that means they are all going to somehow use this to end up doing something awful, even Dee despite the fact that, at this point in the series, she is supposed to be the normal one who maybe has some sense of right and wrong.  And Dee here is a little awful in that the old man’s death prompts her to want to go to the nursing home where her own grandpa is living, she also is deathly afraid of the elderly, so she needs Charlie to go along for moral support.

Why Charlie?  Dennis won’t.  He just won’t.  That does mean the old man mistakes Charlie for Dennis, but it seems like the Reynolds twins haven’t seen this guy in decades, and his antisemitic remarks give me the sense that that might be why the Reynolds family doesn’t talk about him much.  Whatever it is, the old man wants to be buried in his old army uniform, but no one will even get it get him.  Will Dennis, or this case, Charlie?

Charlie occasionally does good deeds, so he says he will.  Then he discovers it’s a Nazi uniform and…well, grandpa ain’t gettin’ that uniform.  Mac will get involved in a harebrained scheme of Charlie’s to try and sell the uniform to a museum, but that nearly gets the pair arrested since there had to be something illegal in their acquisition of that stuff.

Mac, additionally, was trying to pick up the dead guy’s hot granddaughter by pretending to know the old timer.  Dennis is doing the same thing, and he apparently does get success after the funeral after Mac goes off to help Charlie.  And I do love how Dennis’s bragging is squashed as soon as Mac tells Dennis that Dennis’s grandpa was a Nazi, even handing him a photo of the old man much younger in the uniform and looking like Dennis.

That comes after Charlie and Mac set the Nazi stuff on fire…except the hat.  Charlie kept that.

Nazis…why did it have to be Nazis?