July 21, 2024

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Comic Review: The Department Of Truth Volume 3

The life and times of Lee Harvey Oswald, post the Kennedy Assassination.

I was going to get back to this sci-fi/horror series sooner, one about a world where if enough people believe something it comes true, but I somehow had the fourth volume instead of the third.  That delayed things a bit, though honestly, having read the third, I might have been able to skip it.

Oh, I am very glad I didn’t skip this volume, subtitled Free Country, but I probably could have.

Volume 2 ended with the protagonists realizing that Lee Harvey Oswald, the man in charge of the Department of Truth, the man who took the fall for the Kennedy Assassination, was not really a man, but was in fact a Tulpa, a sort-of imaginary being created by the collective belief of enough people.  As a Tulpa, he’s not a person with real thoughts or goals so much as the person the conspiracy theories say he is.  Normally, creatures like aliens, angels, and Bigfoot are Tulpas, but this time around, the powerful branch of the United States government, a very hidden branch, is being run by the guy.

That could be bad, but this trade is bascially Oswald’s backstory as he is recruited by his predecessor (film director Frank Capra of all people), given a task to figure things out, and then becomes director.

Oh, and along the way, he has an encounter with the Moth-Man.

Trades like this one, important since the next one might be the last one, work in part because it reinforces some key ideas, most importantly that the United States is not the only world power to try and use this knowledge to control the world, but that it has never worked forever, and there’s still the mystery of the woman in the red dress with Xs over her eyes.  Will all this be resolved in the next trade?  Maybe, but I will say I enjoyed the moment when Nixon recognized Oswald and more or less thanked him for the whole JFK thing.  That’s the sort of thing that keeps my enjoyment of the series going.

9 out of 10 moon landing back-ups.