July 21, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Nomad Droids”

R2 and 3PO have some odd adventures.

Wait, there’s more stuff with R2 and 3PO after the previous episode?  Sure.  Why not?

This episode is, basically, just a series of short adventures mostly played for laughs.  While returning to Senator Amadala’s service, the transport ship that includes R2 and 3PO is attacked by General Grievous, and the two droids swipe a fighter to get away instead of an escape pod.

Considering R2 bounced another droid out of the way before hopping in, does that mean R2 left that droid behind to die?  Or whatever it is droids do?  And who was supposed to fly that fighter?

Eh, it doesn’t matter as the two hapless droids…wait, R2 isn’t all that hapless.  OK, one hapless droid and one very patient competent one.  Anyway, they fly off and land first on a planet of tiny natives, where 3PO slaps R2 on the “back” and knocks him over and crushes the little guys dictator leader.  3PO introduces them to democracy.  It does not go well.

Then they try somewhere else only to find some cowboy types under the thumb of a droid-phobic god that’s basically a Wizard of Oz scenario where some small droids are controlling a giant hologram that R2 ruins for them.

But then they lose power and get taken by pirates for a droid fight club.

Then Grievous attacks the pirates, and the pair end up on Grievous’s ship and are accidentally rescued by Plo Koon when he shows up to rescue a captured Jedi.

So, that all happened.