July 21, 2024

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Fallout “The Head”

Season One, Episode Three

I’ve never played a single second of a Fallout game, but if gulpers look like that in game, then I am mightily impressed.

Gulpers are, well, giant fish monsters that leap out of bodies of water to more or less gulp down their prey, and yes, prey can be humans.  Lucy needs to exchange Wilzig’s head to get her dad back (maybe).  The Ghoul needs the head for someone else.  And Maximus, posing as Titus, needs it to maybe not be executing for losing his knight.  What is so important about this head?  Beats me.  I am not sure I know just yet, but I do know that a lot of people want it for, well, something.  But the gulper’s mouth is lined with what look like dozens upon dozens of human fingers.

That’s kinda nuts.

Then again, this whole series is nuts, and this episode seems to be battening down on the weird while maybe explaining a few more things, like how bad it is back in Lucy’s Vault, Maxiums’s getting a squire of his own (even if said squire thinks it’s Titus), and the Ghoul’s backstory being hinted at a bit more.  Actually, the Ghoul is easily the most fascinating character on the show, and that’s mostly because he’s not human but he once was because he was, apparently, once a fading movie star who specialized in Westerns named Cooper Howard.

Cooper may have been the original Vault Boy.  That may be good to know, or it may not.

I think what makes this show work is that the characters are in a weird setting and are, as a result, a little weird themselves.  The Vault people want to try educating the raiders they captured when it is quite obvious that the captured raiders are getting by just fine without extensive knowledge in the humanities and such knowledge will probably not make them better people.  Lucy’s brother Norm seems to be the only one who realizes this, but Norm was a little odd for that community to begin with.

Meanwhile, there’s the Brotherhood of Steel where it seems like everybody is out to push others down in their quest to move up the food chain.

At least CX404 found some new people to take care of him.  Dogs deserve better in general.