July 16, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: White Widow #2 (December, 2023)

Yelena learns more about Armament, and the more she learns, the less she likes.

I think it’s amazing how much Marvel is trying to pretend Yelena Belova didn’t start off as a bad guy and is working very hard to make her more of an antihero.  Well, “bad guy” might be a little too simplistic, but she certainly wasn’t friendly to the likes of Natasha Romanov.

Issue:  White Widow #2, December 2023

Writer:  Sarah Gailey

Artist:  Alessandro Miracolo

The Plot:  Yelena’s idealistic town seems less so as Armament moves in and starts buying everything.

Commentary:  Let me start off by saying I like the structure for this issue here, starting off with a flashback showing Yelana and Wolverine on a mission together where Yelena, rather than kill some young woman new in the mercenary business, instead shows how Yelena’s going to train her to be better at her job, and that this is Yelena’s idea on how to put her skills to be a better person and maybe even a hero.  As paths to heroism go, it’s certainly original.

But then the meat of the issue comes along and Yelena is finding that the mysterious company Armament is popping up more and more in her presence.  On the one hand, the company seems like it is some sort of Amazon-style giant corporation, one that has its tentacles in everything, and…that seems a little weird.  Oh, I have no doubts that a big company could go around buying out all the small businesses and even use financial leverage to try and silence troublemakers.  That seems really likely.  It’s how the company is named “Armament” and that isn’t throwing up some huge red flags all over town.

That Armament is also hiring up mercenaries, many of them trained by Yelena, and also including a former member of the Serpent Society or two, that I can buy.  That sounds like the name of a company that would hire those sorts of people.

All that aside, this is a fun series but nothing overly special.  I see no reason to stop reading, but nothing particularly compelling to keep me going at this time.

Grade:  B-