July 21, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Mercy Mission”

R2 and 3PO stumble into an ecological mess.

Well, now that Jar Jar’s stories are done for the time being, let’s check in with the original clumsy Star Wars comic relief and see what C-3PO is up to.

Oh, and R2 as well, of course.

It looks like a standard Republic relief mission.  Some clones are delivering supplies to a race of very small people with not much in the way of technology.  Or so I thought because I coulda swore one of these guys was podracing in Phantom Menace.  3PO is along for the ride because they need a translator, and R2 is along for the ride to probably make sure 3PO doesn’t step on a landmine or something.

As it is, 3PO finds the local king wants the clones to make peace with the land, something that makes no sense to them, but that it turns out is what is really needed to fix things that went wrong when a series of earthquakes seems to have knocked everything and everyone for a loop.  The droids manage to fall down a crevice and find that the guys on the surface weren’t kidding:  they really do need to make peace with the land.

First, there’s the tree people.

Then there’s a flower woman.

A little water gets the droids up some fancy elevator.

And then they gotta plug a hole that’s shooting bad air into the atmosphere, the thing the tree people were complaining about and the flower woman hinted it.

And yes, R2 figured the clues out but 3PO took credit for it, but he did help plug the hole.

It’s…not a bad little adventure for these two.